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5 Top Herbal Remedies For Hives

Herbal Remedies For Hives

[toc]Hives is an itchy, burning and painful condition which often results from exposure to irritants that a person is allergic to. When the body is exposed to allergens, hives are the result. The level of histamine in the body rises dramatically when exposed to allergens.

Hives are a very painful condition to suffer from and it is best if herbal remedies are tried as these can offer quick and effective relief. Some herbs which can be used to treat hives include Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Lemonbalm, Valerian, Goldenseal, Licorice, Green Tea, Horsetail and Peppermint. Herbal remedies soothe the skin and help to improve the skin. They dispel the lesions characteristic of hives. The best herbal remedies to stave off hives are covered in this article.

5 Best Herbal Remedies For Hives

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Hives

Aloe Vera is a fantastic cure for hives. This herb is succulent in nature and it has been used for medicinal purposes since 6000 years. An ancient cure for skin diseases and lesions, Aloe Vera is antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral. It has many healing and curative powers and one of these is to soothe skin irritations and inflammations typical in persons who have hives.

Aloe Vera contains a substance called B-sisterole which helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. Due to this reason, it is a very effective cure for hives. You can apply the gel or extract of Aloe Vera externally to your skin in areas affected by hives for quick and permanent relief. Aloe Vera increases the elasticity of the skin because it contains collagen. It is also very effective in repairing and healing the skin.


Chamomile For Hives

Chamomile is a effective cure for hives. This is because it is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial in nature. Chamomile is traditionally considered a relaxant and good for digestion problems. It is also very useful in healing skin lesions, burning and itching caused by hives. Chamomile can be crushed and added to hot bath water. You can bathe using this mixture or soak in a bath tub containing hot water and this herb in order to soothe and ease the problems caused by hives.

When applied on the skin, Chamomile cures cuts, scars and wounds. It is well known as a cure for skin infections and allergies. It helps to relax the bodily systems and restore good health. Chamomile flowers are generally the most beneficial part of the plant and they are used extensively in herbal teas as well. Chamomile is an ideal cure for soothing the allergic reactions in persons who have been afflicted with hives. Chamomile contain tannic acid and anthemic acid. It is a very good natural remedy for hives.


Horsetail For Hives

Horsetail is a herbal remedy which can also be used to treat hives. Also known as Shavegrass, Horsetail has been used in ancient times in China to cure external injuries and wounds. This herb possesses remarkable healing properties and it has been part of traditional home made remedies to cure skin lesions and cuts. It heals the skin and the connective tissues.

Horsetail also improves the absorption of calcium which leads to effective healing of skin allergies such as hives.  This herb can be had in tablet form of 300 milligrams for 2 times in a day for relief from hives. Horsetail has the ability to ease the pain and inflammation which results from hives.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle For Hives

Also known by the botanical name Urtica Dioica, this herb is a very helpful remedy for hives.  This herb lowers the level of histamine in the body. As hives is caused due to the rise in the levels of histamine in the body due to an allergic reaction, Stinging Nettle is a very effective cure for treating hives.

It helps to counter the production of histamine in the body and this ensures that the skin irritation produced due to hives subsides. Holistic healthcare practitioners recommend taking the freeze dried preparation of this herb in order to ward off hives. Stinging Nettle is a very efficient cure for hives because it possesses anti-histamine properties.


Licorice For Hives

The root of Licorice is also an excellent cure for hives. This is because it helps to increase the immunity of the body which helps it to fight the infection and allergies. Skin irritation can also be healed by applying crushed Licorice root on it. The basic purpose behind using this herb is to benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties which can cure the burning and swelling on the skin due to hives.

This herb should not be taken if you have edema, high blood pressure, or a heart disease. Certain medications such as Warfarin also interact with this herb and should not be taken in conjunction with this herbal remedy.

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