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5 Top Home Remedies For Irregular Period


Home Remedies For Irregular PeriodAre you getting delayed or irregular period? But don’t know how to treat it. You must have been to doctor and you got a temporary solution with medicines. Your doctor might have mentioned that the medicines for irregular periods have side effects. It is natural to get scared to use them again.

Many women around the world are facing the same problem as irregular periods have become more common than earlier. Thanks to ever rising chemicals and pollutants in the environment that is taking a toll on reproductive health. Stressful life is another reason that gives rise to depression, health problems like PCOS, thyroid, insomnia, and obesity.

Other health conditions that cause irregular period are irritable bowel syndrome, tuberculosis, liver disease diabetes, and endometriosis cysts. Don’t get afraid by reading these medical causes as these are not always the reason. Sometimes just a change in place and stress may give you irregular period. So, chill out and just try the following home remedies when you get a delayed period next time.

5 Home Remedies For Irregular Period

1. Sesame

Sesame seeds are very nutritious. They have warming effect on the stomach which helps sometimes to get period. When it is mixed with jaggery, it warming effect gets doubled. Use it in the following way to make your period regular. Take 2 tablespoons of black or white sesame seeds and dry roast it. Then grind the seeds in a food processor. When you notice that your period date is exceeded more than a week, start to eat the powder mixed with jaggery empty stomach in the morning until your period starts.


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2. Fig

Fig or anjeer is also used by women to fix their irregular period. It has been noticed that taking fresh fig juice regularly cure irregular period. You can make a fresh juice of fig and drink it every day for a timely period. Another way of using fig is taking its decoction. Boil fig roots in water for a few minutes. After it is boiled filter the liquid and drink it for a few weeks to correct the cycles.

3. Coriander

Coriander is highly nutritious and is also known to detox the body. It has been also found to normalize irregular periods in women. You can either use coriander seeds or fresh leaves for curing irregular period problem. Boil either leaves or seeds with water for a few minutes and strain the liquid. Keep the liquid in a bottle and drink it thrice a day.

4. Papaya

Papaya is an excellent fruit that contains a number of vitamins. It also contains digestive enzymes that cure digestive problems. Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it can also cure your period problems. Whether you are having delayed, little, irregular or painful period, papaya has the cure for all menstrual problems. You can either use ripe or raw papaya for period problems. Eat papaya regularly and witness the change in your period dates.


5. Carrots

Loaded with beta carotene and vitamin A, carrots not only help to clear your vision but also give your relief from irregular period. Eat it raw or cook it along with other vegetables, carrot never fails to cure menstrual issues. The best way is be eat it raw along with salads while having your lunch or dinner.