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5 Top Natural Cures For Frostbite

[toc]Frostbite is one of the skin conditions that usually occur in severe cold ad chilly weathers. When the body is exposed to cold air for a long period of time the skin as well as the tissues freeze and cause the surface to become firm, pale as well as numb. Starting from ears, nose, toes, fingers and cheeks, these are most prone to frostbites.

5 Cures For Frostbite

Once you are aware of the ailment, the next is to look for the successful treatments. To ensure that the cure is 100 percent safe as well as effective, there is nothing better than opting for natural ones that give visible outcomes without any side effects.

5 Natural Cures For Frostbite

Banana Peel

One of the home remedies and a 100 percent natural cure comes in the form of a banana peel that can give you expected outcomes on the frostbites. This can be used to cover the frostbite for an entire night with a bandage. In about a couple of weeks, you will find the frostbite reducing in size and gradually disappearing from the skin. Follow it with a strict regimen for best outcomes.

Banana Peel

Cayenne Pepper

The heat given by cayenne pepper to the body is what will help in alleviating the pain caused by frostbites. Cayenne pepper put in various dishes throughout the day will also improve the blood circulation in the areas where you have frostbite and give you slow but efficient treatment of this discomforting situation.

Cayenne Pepper

Herbal Tea

Having some herbal teas are known to give a good natural treatment for the frostbites on the body. This is one way in which you can reap a lot of other benefits as well. Chamomile tea is one of the top notch examples that can be used here. Apart from this, feverfew tea is also known to give efficient results. According to researchers, peppermint tea is supposed to give the same results. Have about 2-3 cups of any of these herbal teas to get rid of frostbites.

Chamomile Tea

Oil Wonders

Applying oils like that of olive and peppermint is another good idea that can help you in achieving the goals of treating frostbites in a natural and safe way. Follow this idea several times in a day for about 1-2 weeks to start getting the outcomes in hand. It is simple, easy and reasonable. Make sure you cover the area after application for maximum effects.

Peppermint Oil

Hot Water Bottle Treatment

Use a hot water bottle in areas such as under the feet that will provide the body and the skin the warmth that is important for treating the frostbite. This is especially valid for the frostbites on the toes. Follow the remedy each day and see how well it will help you out. The natural cure can be done several times a day for best outcomes.

Hot compresses can be alternated with cold compresses for an effective cure as well. Herein, you need to press the affected area with hot compress for 3 minutes followed by a cold one for half a minute to get the results and gradual treatment.

heat bottle

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