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5 Top Natural Cures For Yeast Infection

[toc]Candida overgrowths present on the skin, inside the body, on the mouth and mainly around the genitals form yeast infections especially when they meet appropriate conditions such as excessive moisture, heat and absence of bacteria that inhibits any kind of fungus. The occurrence of yeast infections in the vagina is the most prevalent vaginitis among women and men are not adverse to this problem. Under the breast and other skin folds and all those parts of the body which are not exposed and is excessively sweating. It can occur at any age and becomes prominent in the absence of suitable hygiene.

Yeast Infection

A man is prone to getting this disease if his partner has got it .It generally occurs around vagina, nailbeds,This fungal infection is not a sexually transmitted disease but is caused due to the presence of candida albicans. Apart from this use of tight fitting clothes, feminine deodorants, antibiotics, hormonal drugs are all contributing factors in the spreading of yeast infections. Sometimes even semen can be a cause of spreading this infection due to it disturbing the acidic balance. Yeast infections are not visible and do not require a medical investigation as the symptoms are very obvious.

A foul smell coming from the vagina or nonstop itching and burning sensations in the same area, swelling of the vulva or vaginal discharge all indicate the presence of strong yeast infections and prompt treatment is in order. Though there are several creams, lotions and suppositories and other medicinal treatments, they are very temporary and cause these infections to recur, however natural cures ensure good riddance to this infection if used diligently. A few most effective treatments are mentioned below.

5 Natural Cures For Yeast Infection


One of the most effective treatment for yeast infections and can be used as it is in its natural form. A single clove of this garlic can be inserted into the vagina like a suppository, thrice a day for prompt relief. They are also available in the market as garlic tabs.

One can even peel it and then wrap it and insert it in the vagina as well. Raw garlic consumed with a glass of water gives the same result but takes time. It is an excellent infection buster and has little or no side effects as it is a powerhouse of benefits and works well naturally.


Plain Yogurt

Another important natural for healing bacterial infection is yoghurt which is plain and not flavoured or sweetened. The fungus eliminating bacteria that is considered good is present in yogurt and that helps in getting rid of the infections. Yogurt can be of soy or even almond milk. Consumption of this plain yogurt in good quantity ensures the growth of good bacteria that is required to bust off these yeast infections. It can be used as a topical treatment as well.

For this you can coat a tampon with this plain yogurt and use it as a suppository in the vagina, some of this can be applied around the vagina as well. Care should be taken to wash it off after keeping it on for about a few minutes otherwise there could be a reverse action. This helps a lot in reducing the burning and itching sensations.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple-cider vinegar has multiple health benefits and is one of the most useful natural cures for any kind of fungal infections. It can be consumed and used externally as well, however care should be administered to avoid using it directly. It is known to get rid of infections completely but it is very strong hence can cause irritation to the skin.

Ideally it can be added to the bathwater. It is provides a lot of relief for a prolonged period .One should be also careful so as to avoid using plain white vinegar as it is a fodder for the yeast. One has to be very specific and use the right product that is natural.



Water is one of the most important elements in treating yeast infections. Lack of water content encourages the formation of yeast infection and too much of moisture left on the skin tend to breed yeast and fungus as well therefore one has to be careful and use water suitably.

It is strongly advisable to drink at least four litres of water every day to combat yeast infections as they help in flushing out the toxins that shelter yeast infections. However care should be taken to drink potable and boiled water that is filtered. It is n0ot only accessible and natural but also feasible and free of side effects.


Oil Of Oregano

Hers such as oregano and its oil also have amazing benefits and is a strong inhibitor of yeast. It has to be incorporated in our diet to get rid of the infections.

The oil of this herb is also useful in the form of application to the affected area. The presence of high carvacrol content in the oil requires it to be chosen accordingly.

oregano oil

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