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5 Top Natural Cures For Yellow Nails

Natural Cure To Yellow Nails

[toc]Yellow nails are a common problem faced by a lot of people. It usually results from unhealthy habits like smoking or constantly wearing nail paint. Other reasons for yellow nail bed can be some underlying health problems like diabetes, kidney disease or nutritional deficiencies. One may also experience yellow nails due to fungal infections on the nail bed and in those cases it is advisable to see a doctor immediately.

However, most of the time yellow nails are caused by excessive wearing of nail paints and the use of nail polish removers that can be quite harsh on the delicate nail bed. In such cases you can easily get rid of the unappealing discoloration by using a few simple home remedies. Here are some natural cures to treat yellow nails.

5 Natural Cures For Yellow Nails

Let the Nail Breathe

Remove The Nail Polish Properly

Wearing nail paint all the time prevents the nail from getting any oxygen. Therefore, the first thing one need to do is remove the nail polish properly. Using a mild and good quality nail polish remover (preferably one without acetone or any harsh chemicals), clean the nail bed, removing any nail polish.

Soak your nails in warm soapy water.Wash hands with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply nail cream and do not reapply nail polish for a couple of weeks.


Buffing For Yellow Nails

Lightly buffing the nail bed will help in getting rid of the unsightly yellowish discoloration. To do so, start by soaking your hands in some warm soapy water. After 10 to 15 minutes, wash with cold water and pat dry.

Use a clean buffer to lightly buff away the nails and avoid rubbing vigorously. Repeat this regime every alternate day to achieve quicker results. Also remember to avoid applying nail polish for a few days.

Lime Or Lemons

Lemons For Yellow Nails

Lime or lemon juice works wonders when it comes to treating discolorations or stains. These citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and AHAs that helps in removing stains. Squeeze the juice of a lime or lemon and soak your nails in it for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also rub a slice of it. Wash with cold water and apply some moisturizing nail cream. This cheap and easily home remedy is one of the most effective natural cures for yellow nails.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda For Yellow Nails

Baking soda is another great remedy for curing yellow nails. As we all know, baking soda is excellent for cleaning as well as numerous different reasons. Mix a spoonful of baking soda in 2 cups of warm water. Dip your nails in this solution for 10 to 20 minutes and wash with normal water. Dry your hands and apply some olive oil to restore the moisture. Doing this every day will remove the yellow color from the nail bed.

Essential Oils

Oregano Oil For Yellow Nails

Essential oils like tea tree, lemon and oregano oils are excellent for treating any kind of nail problems. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of these essential oils help in treating fungal and other nail infections too. Applying them regularly with olive oil can help you get rid of yellow nails easily. However, remember to use it topically and never orally. These were some simple and highly effective ways of treating yellow nails.

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