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5 Useful Natural Remedies For Vaginal Discharge

[toc]One of the common problems in women where the sensitive parts of the body are concerned, like the vagina, is vaginal discharge also known as leucorrhoea. There can be a lot of reasons associated with the problem including unhygienic lifestyle and eating habits as well as sexual relations.

vaginal discarge

However, the best part is that the discharge can be treated easily with some safe and simple natural remedies and you can start living a smooth life yet again. The below mentioned ideas are some of the best ones from the lot that you can use on a regular basis to get desired results. Make sure you use 1-2 of them for faster outcomes.

5 Remedies For Vaginal Discharge

Wear Cotton Clothes

One of the best natural treatments that can help you in the treatment of vaginal discharge is by wearing loose cotton clothes that help air pass from and to the vagina. It will help the area breathe and thus avoid the accumulation of bacteria that causes the problem in the first place.

This is not only valid for clothes that you wear but also the lingerie that you choose. Make sure they are 100 percent cotton as well as loose. This is going to give you visible outcomes.

cotton underwear

Have Plenty Of Liquids

Another natural and effective cure for the crisis is quite simple. Herein, you need to drink plenty of healthy liquids that improve the blood flow as well as helps in flushing out the toxins and bacteria from the vagina. This is mostly valid for plain and filtered water that should be taken in quantities of 8-10 glasses.

Apart from this, you can adhere to herbal teas and fresh fruit and vegetable juices for the same. Follow this remedy even after the cure to prevent vaginal infections and critical situations.

drink water

Keep It Clean

According to researchers, the vaginal area should be kept clean to avoid any accumulation of bacteria. For a natural remedy of vaginal discharge, follow a simple step of cleaning the area with a mild soap at least two times in a day. Make sure you even pat dry the vagina with a clean and fresh cloth. This is an efficient remedy for the treatment of discharge without any expenses and in a way that gives you instant outcomes.


Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry also known as amla is one of the top notch remedies that are 100 percent natural and gives visible results. Take some fresh amla powder with double its quantity of honey and consume it each day for the next one month. This should be done twice in a day for better results. It can also be in the form of fresh amla juice taken with some honey each day.



A banana with some honey and a glass of milk early in the morning is a good natural cure for vaginal discharge. Another way of reaping the benefits of banana is to mash about 2-3 of them and mix it well with some teaspoons of honey and consume it 3-4 times in a day.

Raw banana can also be a part of various dishes in the meals to trigger the outcomes. It is a 100 percent safe idea to follow with other benefits attached as well.


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