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5 Ways To Improve Erection Size Naturally

[toc]Getting a proper erection and achieving the perfect size is very important for a man and his woman to be able to enjoy their physical intimacy to the maximum. He may not be able to please his woman and this may cause problems in their sexual life.

7 Ways To Increase Erection

However, instead of opting for medicines and surgery, one can improve his erection size in a natural manner which does not have any side effects on the body. Try these 6 ways on how to improve your erection size naturally which is sure to help you perform better in bed and allow you to please your partner completely.

Tips To Improve Erection Size Naturally

Diet Really Matters

One of the most important things to take care of when trying to improve your erection size in a natural manner is your diet. Eating the right kind of foods is very essential as it helps to keep you fit, healthy and also has an influence on your penis’s size.

Foods like salmon, liver, milk, egg, tuna along with green leafy vegetables, tomato and carrots help to increase the flow of blood in your penis thus improving the size of your erection while you have sex. Consume carbohydrate-rich foods on a regular basis as this supply you with energy and stamina to get a better erection.


Experiment With New Positions

Experimenting new positions while in bed and also changing them will help you improve your erection size. The best positions for you to experiment with are missionary and doggy style as they increase the flow of blood in your penis and give you a better erection size.

Also, try to be on the top of your woman as much as possible as this too will improve the size of your erection naturally.

Experiment with new positions

Penis Stretches

A penis stretch is yet another great way of naturally improving the size of your erection. To do this stretch exercise, a man needs to hold his penis and try to stretch it out as much as possible in the forward direction.

Be gentle as you do so and try to hold the penis for a period of 20 – 30 seconds each time you stretch it out. Try to repeat 10 to 12 times each day for best results.

Penis Strech

Stock Up On Zinc

Zinc can be very beneficial for a man who wishes to improve his erection size without any medications. Consuming zinc in good quantities on a regular basis will help your reproductive organs to produce a lot of testosterone along with increased number of sperms and related fluid.

This is essential for a good erection size and will help you to perform well in bed too. Seafood, beans and peas are also great sources of zinc and should be included in the everyday diet. Along with these, zinc supplements in the right dosage can also be consumed.

Zinc food

Jelqing Exercises

This exercise is known to improve erection size quickly and effectively in a natural way. After you have achieved an erection which is halfway, put some lubricant on it and hold near the base with your thumb and index finger.

Now slowly move the fingers towards the tip of your penis so that the blood flow reaches the tip rapidly. After having reached the tip, hold the base with the other hand immediately and repeat the exercise. Try to perform this exercise continuously for 5 to 7 minutes for best results.

Jelqing Exercises