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5 Ways To Increase Sex Desire

[toc]To have some great sex, one of the top most requisites is to have a great libido. In simple words, it is the levels of sexual desire that a man or a woman has. The higher the sex desire the more better the sexual experience gets.

Sex Desire

However, there are a lot of people among the population who faces the issue of a weak or low sexual desire. This is treatable to a certain extent and therefore helps you have a smooth relationship with your partner again. The ways mentioned below are some top notch and effective ideas one can use for improving on the sex desire without any surgeries.

5 Tips To Increase Sex Desire

Get Freedom From Stress

A major reason for most of the sexual problems including that of low libido in both men and women is the high levels of stress. The increasing competition in the market is leading to a lot of mental pressures. The best you can do in this situation is to learn on how to manage the stress.

Try and work on some recreational activities that you love to calm the mind. Apart from this, deep breathing exercises and yoga can help. Some people also love to adhere to aromatherapy with essential oil or meditation as their resort. The more you keep away the stress the better will be the sex desires.


Foods That Help

A healthy and nutrient rich diet is always helpful for a healthy body, mind and soul. If the food is packed with nutrients, it will help the body perform perfectly as well as keep the hormonal secretions in check. Along with having meals that have all kinds of nutrients in them, you can also check out some super and special foods that are known to increase the sexual desires.

Foods like peaches, bananas, strawberries, avocados, almonds, oysters, dark chocolate, pumpkin, celery, mangoes and eggs are the way to go. Have loads of lean protein in the diet along with vitamin and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as an effective tip for increasing sex desires.


Create An Environment

Sometimes, the low sexual levels are not an internal problem but are something that just needs a trigger to enhance. In such situations, you can always create the mood by setting a romantic and serene environment.

Use scented candles, light music, essential oils and dim lighting to your advantage here. Pleasant smells and fresh air will always help in this situation and improve the desire for sex.

Fresh air

Fitness Is Important

Are you having overweight issues? If yes, then remember this is also one of the major causes for low libido along with a lot of diseases and health ailments. To ensure that you have a great and memorable sexual experience with an increased sexual desire, it is important to exercise regularly and stay fit.

Adhere to cardio exercises and strength training exercises that also improves the stamina. Any physical activity should be done for at least 30 minutes each day to get best results in a couple of weeks. It enhances the production of testosterone.


Massaging Wonders

A good and sensual massage can be taken or given to your better half. Use aromatic oils and light music and dim light to enhance the situation. A massage helps in ticking the sensual parts in both men and women and is an interesting way of improving on the sex desires. It can be done one in a while for efficiency.