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6 Amazing Benefits Of Wheatgrass Powder For The Skin, Health And Hair

Wheatgrass Powder For The Skin, Health And Hair

Wheatgrass powder has the scientific name of agropyron intermedium, normally we can grow this in our house, just throw some of the wheat seeds to the wet and moisturized ground, leave it for sometime, you will see small green plants are there when they are 3-4 inches long, harvest it. We normally think about the wheatgrass juice but we can also make the powder of it, there are many companies which are providing the powder form of the wheatgrass.

Here Are The List Of The Benefits Of The Wheatgrass Powder:

1. Skin Cleanser

We generally use the soaps to clean our body, but all of them have harmful effects on the body, so we need to use something that cleans our body without taking out its softness and moisture. Wheatgrass powder is the source of the vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin C, which is best to use as a scrub on the face, it removes the dead skin of the face, also it rejuvenate the dead tissue and make you feel younger (1).

Skin Cleanser

2. Acne Prone Skin

Acne spoils the beauty of the face and the chemical creams for acne take the smoothness of the skin, wheatgrass powder is best to get rid of the acne problems, all you need to prepare the paste of the wheatgrass powder, jojoba oil, lavender oil, celery, mint leaves, kinugoshi, spirulina powder, clay and make the paste of it, apply this on the face and make it dry, then rinse it off, you will have an oil and acne free skin (2).

Acne Prone Skin

3. Detoxify The Body

We get the wheatgrass from the wheat plant but it has the not the gluten in it. Although our body cleans the blood and detoxify it naturally but sometime due to lack of the some essentials nutrients it is not able to detoxify the body by itself. Wheatgrass powder has the chrolophyll, vitamins and other enzymes also along with the essential amino acids, which is good to maintain a good amount of the oxygen to the blood and also detoxify the body naturally (3).

Detoxify The Body

4. Immunity System

We live in the environment which has the virus and bacteria. They are always trying to trap us, it is our immunity system which protects us from the attack, so we should eat the things that boosts the immunity system of the body, wheatgrass powder is the source of the vitamin A, B, E, K with the beta carotene, which give strength to the white blood cells. It has various enzymes with it, which removes the excess fat from the body (4).

Immunity System

5. Remove Dandruff

We should always use the herbal product to clean the hair, wheatgrass powder has plenty of the potassium in it which removes the dandruff and gives strength to the scalp, you can prepare the herbal shampoo at home, add the water, white soap, wheatgrass powder, potash, rosemary, eucalyptus oil, boil the mixture and cool it down, then clean the hair with it (5).

Remove Dandruff

6. Mass Gainer

Wheatgrass powder has the plenty of the amino acids in it, which is the good to digest the protein and helps in generating the tissues of the body and that will increase the over all weight of the body, so if you want a natural weight gainer, then you can make the shake of the wheatgrass powder and drink it, this will give you a healthy weight and without any side effects (6).

Mass Gainer