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6 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Boils

Herbal Remedies For Boils

[toc]Boils frequently appear on the skin. These result from bacterial or fungal infections. Boils can also result due to heat in the body or an inadequate skin care routine. Often, boils are the result of not having washed the skin properly so that dirt goes into the pores of the skin. To cure boils, rather than resorting to a dermatologist, you can just follow a few simple herbal remedies at home instead.

These are quick and easy remedies and they provide immediate and long lasting relief. Of the many herbs which are very effective in curing boils, some well known ones are Wild Indigo, Purple Cone Flower, Comfrey, Basil, Chickweed, Burdock, Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla. This article describes some of the top herbal remedies for curing boils.

6 Herbal Remedies For Boils


Sarsaparilla Reduce Boils

Ingestion of this herb helps you to remove toxins and impurities from the body which may be causing the boils. This herb helps to purify the blood and cleanses the system so that the boil gradually subsides. It is used for healing skin scars and abrasions as well. The leaves of this herb contain tannins, anti flavanoids, rutin and hyperoside.

This herb is therefore very effective in removing dirt and toxins from the body because of the constituents that it possesses. This herb has the ability to purify the body system so that the heat within the body is cooled and does not result in the eruption of boils.

Yellow Dock

Yellow Dock Reduce Boils

Yellow Dock is also a herb which is a blood purifier and detoxifier. It helps to cure the boils by healing the body from within. Yellow Dock also know by its botanical name Rumex Crispus, is found in Europe and West Asia.  The leaves of Yellow Dock should first be boiled in hot water so as to remove the Oxalic acid which is present in it.

It should be boiled within 5 to 6 changes of water to ensure it is free of this acid. It can then be added to tea or a hot drink and consumed. Moderate amounts of this herb can be eaten raw without any harm. The Zuni tribe is known to use Yellow Dock for curing skin infections and abrasions. This herb is also very effective in curing boils.


Comfrey Reduce Boils

Comfrey can be mixed with garlic and honey paste and applied on the boil. This paste helps to remove the pus which has collected in the boil and it heals the skin. Comfrey is a very good cure for boils. Comfrey contains Allantoin which is useful for stimulating skin repair at the same time as healing inflammations and eruptions in the skin.

Comfrey is also known colloquially as knitbone because it is used in various bone ailments as well. Comfrey has the ability to heal the skin which is why it is such as effective cure for boils.


Basil Reduce Boils

You need to make a mixture of crushed Basil leaves, Purple Fleban and Neem and then apply this on the boil. You need to let the paste dry and then you can wash it with cold water. This helps to close the pores of the skin and offers relief from the boils.

Basil contains (E)-beta-caryophyllene (BCP) which is very useful in reducing inflammations and this is why it is a very good cure for skin infections. Basil has a very distinctive fragrance and there are many varieties of this herb including African Basil, Sweet Basil and Holy Basil. This herb has a very special healing property which makes it an efficient and effective cure for boils.

Wild Indigo

Wild Indigo Reduce Boils

Wild Indigo also known by the botanical name Baptista Tinctora is a herb which provides a good cure for boils.  It helps to soothe the skin and remove the pain and tenderness from the boil. Applying Wild Indigo on the boil as a paste cures and heals it. Wild Indigo is used for curing swellings in the mouth as well as boils and ulcers.

The leaves of this herb are crushed and ground into a paste which is then applied onto the skin directly. It cures the boil by producing a cooling and soothing effect on it. This ensures that the boil is lessened or even eliminated. It also acts on the boil directly causing the pus to come out and the boil to eventually dry and subside.

Purple Cone Flower

Purple Cone Flower Reduce Boils

Purple Cone Flower or Echinacea Augustifolia is a good herb for curing boils. Roots of this herb are used to cure septic wounds since olden days. This herb reduces the stinging, pain and soreness felt in the area where the boil has grown and helps to lower the swelling of the boil and cure it.

This herb is antibacterial in nature and it is because of this very property that it is an excellent cure for boils. Boils can be removed by applying a paste of this herb or even consuming this herb in the form of a tea. This herb is very effective in curing the infection causing the boil as it destroys the bacteria and toxins causing the boil.