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6 Amazing Home Remedies For Edema

[toc]If you are going through this article it means you are having an edema on your body. You should know that edema most often signifies some underlying disease. Edema is a kind of swelling that results from accumulation of fluid in the affected tissue of the body, but most commonly it affects the ankles, legs or the feet. Some edemas show signs of indentation after you release pressure from them, whereas some do not show signs of indentation.


Whatever be the type of your edema, you must visit a doctor first to be sure that the underlying disease is not serious enough to necessitate medical intervention. If the diagnosis comes out to be not-so-serious kind then you may not need to visit the doctor again. You can treat the edema at home. There are a lot of home remedies for edema. Let us discuss some of those.

6 Best Home Remedies For Edema


Movement and light exercise is the most recommended remedy to cure edema. If the edema has appeared on your leg, ankle or feet then movement is perhaps the most beneficial home remedy. When you move the muscles of your feet work and their contractions and relaxations increase the blood flow. This can drive the retained fluid towards the heart. So have regular movements to cure edema.


Turmeric And Honey

This grandma’s remedy comes handy in all types of swelling. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and cleansing property. Due to these properties turmeric can reduce swelling and cleanse the body of free radicals.

You can use some honey along with it because honey also is anti-inflammatory in nature. Make a paste with some turmeric and honey and apply that on the edema regularly. You will feel the difference within a few days.



This household spice has the ability to fight inflammation. It has been seen that ginger poultice can reduce swelling in tissues.

Moreover, ginger is anti-inflammatory in nature. So apply ginger poultice on the affected area and have ground ginger along with meals regularly. This will bring down the edema.


Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds can work as a magical cure for edema. Ground mustard seeds and even mustard oil has the ability to draw out fluid from tissues. Apply some warm mustard oil on the affected area. You can also ground some mustard seeds, mix it with some mustard oil, make a paste and apply that on the affected area.

Mustard Seeds

Slaked Lime

You may not have known the benefits of slaked lime until you got the edema. Slaked lime has the capacity to draw out water from tissue swelling.

It can be applied with ground turmeric for maximum effect. A regular application of a paste of slaked lime and turmeric mixed with mustard oil can ease the swelling.

Slaked Lime


Arnica is a herb, but it has extensive application in homeopathy. An extract of arnica is available over the counter. It has the ability to reduce swelling and inflammation. So apply some arnica extract at least twice a day on the affected area. The edema will reduce slowly.


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