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6 Causes Of Heat Stroke


Heat Stroke Heat Stroke

Heat stroke or sunstroke occurs when the body’s ability to regulate temperature diminishes. The patient might notice dizziness or fainting spells as well and it needs immediate medical attention. Heat stroke is divided into two categories namely Exertional heat stroke and non-exertional heat stroke. Non exertional heat stroke can happen in infants, children and old people because of certain environmental factors and low immune response. An exertional heat stroke can happen to healthy and young individuals who participate in strenuous daily activities. Therefore a heat stroke can happen with or without strenuous physical activity.

There are other factors that can influence your body’s temperature regulation mechanism as well. Here are few other causes for heat stroke:

Causes Of Heat Stroke


Dehydration Dehydration

A heat stroke is a characteristic occurrence in people who are dehydrated. If you participate in physical activities you need to make sure that you are consuming adequate amount of fluids to keep the water and electrolyte balance maintained in your body.

The fluids play a key role in maintaining a constant temperature of your body at all times. Lowering of fluid volume can result in the inability to regulate temperature and can cause heat strokes.

Tight Clothing

People who wear tight and uncomfortable clothing can be prone to heat strokes. Tight clothes make sweating difficult. If the sweat does not evaporate, it could result in accumulation of heat in the body and cause a heat stroke. So wear comfortable and light fitting clothes when you go out in the sun.

Medications For The Kidney

Diuretics or medications for the proper functioning of kidneys can cause heat strokes. If your kidneys aren’t working well, these medications will decrease the load on your kidneys by decreasing the overall fluid volume which isn’t very effective. When fluid volumes fall, the chances of getting a heart stroke increases.

Excess Consumption Of Alcohol

Alcohol Alcohol

It is another factor that influences thermoregulation. Alcohol affects the hypothalamus part of your brain to a certain extent which is responsible for regulating the temperature of your body. It also drains the fluids from your body and as a result makes you dehydrated.

Avoid excess amounts of alcohol during hot climate and make sure you are taking enough fluids.

High Temperature Environment

If you are working in an environment or surrounding which is characterized by a high temperature like a mine, there is a chance that you can get a heat stroke more often. Try taking a break in between your work so that you do not remain in the same environment for long.

Physical Activity In The Sun

If you work out or run a lot when the sun rays are strong, there is a possibility of getting a heat stroke. Try working our early mornings or evenings so that the sun’s effect doesn’t cause harm to you. Make sure that if you’re sweating, you keep drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated during the summer months.

The main problem during summer is the heat stroke and it could result into a serious illness if you don’t take precautionary measures soon.

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