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6 Easy Treatment For Bronchitis

Treatments For Bronchitis

[toc]Bronchitis normally occurs during the winter season. This ailment is caused because of the secretion of thick mucus also called as ‘phlegm.’  The mucus blocks the airway and the patient experiences difficulty in breathing. Bronchitis is a bacterial infection.

Recurring cough with yellow sputum, fever, pain, sore throat, wheezing, and chills are some of the symptoms of Bronchitis. Medical science has come out with several medicines to combat this ailment.  Even home and herbal remedies are found to be very much beneficial in combating Bronchitis.

6 Simple Treatments For Bronchitis

Simple Nebulization

Nebulization For Bronchitis

Put hot water in a bowl. Add about five drops of eucalyptus oil into it. Now, lean over it and cover yourself with a towel. Start inhaling the steam for about ten minutes.

Instead of Eucalyptus oil you can add about a half teaspoon of turmeric powder into hot water. Repeat this procedure twice a day. It gives immediate relief from wheezing. This process would be much more effective if it is done after taking hot water bath.

Mullein Tea

Mullein Tea For Bronchitis

Boil about one cup of water and add two teaspoons of Mullein tea powder into it. Now, boil it for about  three minutes on low flame. Allow it to steep for about ten minutes. Now, stain the leaves.

If you prefer, you can add about half teaspoon honey. Now drink this tea at least thrice a day. You can drink this tea whenever you have symptom of wheezing or Bronchitis.

Astragalus Leaves

Astragalus Leaves For Bronchitis

The leaves of this herb is known for its ability to fight bacteria and also strengthen the immune system of the body. Cut the leaves of this herb and dry them. Now,  powder the leaves.

Take about two teaspoons or equal to 500 milligrams of the powdered leaves and put them in a glass of water and drink this preparation four times  a day. Similarly, you can also take the leaves of Echinacea herb.  Continue with this treatment for about fifteen days.

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Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea For Bronchitis

Ginger has immune boosting and also anti inflammatory properties. Heat one cup of water and add one teaspoon of ginger powder and about a  half teaspoon of black pepper powder.

Steep the contents for about ten minutes. Add about a half teaspoon of honey. Drink this medicine twice a day. If you take this preparation regularly for about fifteen days, you would notice substantial relief from bronchitis.

Onion Juice

Onion Juice For Bronchitis

One of the unique characteristics of the Onion is it dissolves mucus. It also prevents the formation of mucus.  In order to get relief from bronchitis, take one teaspoon of onion juice every day in the morning and  on an empty stomach.

Add raw onion for Salads.  Onions can be used even while cooking food. Take this preparation whenever you experience symptoms of wheezing or bronchitis.

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Orange Juice

Orange Juice For Bronchitis

Orange is rich in vitamins and nutrients which can fight bronchitis causing infection. Take at least three glasses of orange juice every day. The dosage may vary depending on the severity of Bronchitis.

In fact, some of the experts in naturopathy suggest that you can even drink orange juice instead of solid food.  Always make fresh orange juice and it gives quick relief from wheezing.

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