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6 Effective Natural Cures For Fainting

Natural Cure To Fainting

[toc]Fainting is not a health ailment in itself but more of a sign and a symptom for most of the diseases and illnesses. However, unconsciousness which is one of the major ways to describe fainting becomes a state of panic for the people around. It is also a critical situation for the sufferer.

There can be a lot of reasons that lead to this condition but then an intelligent person would always stress more on the treatments. To ensure that the body does not have to undergo any side effects, it is a right option to adhere to natural cures that are simple and affordable on the pocket, as mentioned below.

6 Natural Cures For Fainting

Herbal Benefit

St. John’s Wort For Fainting

One of the broad categories of natural cures that are known to give perfect outcomes for a lot of illnesses is that of herbs. The only effort you need to put is to look for the right dosage that can help you here. For fainting, some of the top notch herbs that can be used include gingko biloba, vitex, and Melissa, St. John’s Wort, motherwort and passion flower. Make sure you follow the remedy continuously if the problem is frequent.

Water Splash

Water Splash For Fainting

A simple and effortless natural treatment for fainting comes in the form of splashing the face with water. This helps in getting instant results. However, this does not mean that you excessively put water on them. It only means light splashes of water on the face for best outcomes.

Teas That Help

Green Tea For Fainting

For those who have frequent occurrences of fainting, one of the best things to do is to adhere to some natural and herbal teas. Some of the top options here are mint tea, rosemary tea, rue, mistletoe and cayenne tea. A simple tea can be made by boiling any one of them in water for some time and then sipping them in lukewarm condition. A cup or two of the same is advisable.

Proper Rest

Proper Rest For Fainting

A person who undergoes a lot of feeling of faints especially women who are pregnant should adhere to proper rest and sleep as one of the treatments for the problem. About 8 hours of undisturbed sleep and regular naps will help in the recovery of the body from fainting as well as dizziness.

Deep Breathing And Relaxation Techniques

Deep Breathing For Fainting

Deep breathing is a good form of natural cure for fainting. This should be followed on a regular basis especially at times when you are starting to feel the dizziness. Apart from that, yoga and meditation will also help in the curing process. Adhere to these with due diligence to get perfect results.

Homeopathy Treatments

Homeopathy Treatments For Fainting

Another of the natural treatment categories comes in the form of supplements available in homeopathy. This is an old Chinese form of treatment and quite effective. Where fainting is concerned you can keep some of the supplements handy in the form of ignatia, carbo veg, ammonium carb, pulsatilla, cinchona, iodium and more. As for the right dose, a homeopathic professional will be able to help you out. They are known to give desired outcomes.

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