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6 Effective Skin Rash Treatments

Skin Rash Treatments

[toc]A skin rash is the appearance of red bumps all over the skin. It could happen as a result of allergies or infections. It is easy to treat skin rashes naturally using home remedies because most of them are caused due to allergies. A rash could be widespread or localized.

If a rash is widespread, it is generally due to an allergy and goes away as soon as the allergen is removed but if it is localized, it could be due to a systemic change like food, temperature or sensitivity displayed due to particular drugs. Mostly people don’t prefer medications to treat allergies because they could cause a further reaction. Natural remedies are quite effective. Here are some remedies to treat skin rashes:

6 Effective Skin Rash Treatments


Olive Oil Reduce Skin Rash

It is important to clean the area in which the rash develops. The skin around the rash is very sensitive and becomes prone to more damage. You could clean it with chamomile tea or apply some olive oil over it. Always remember to protect the area from dust and dirt, as this can aggravate the rash.


Moisturizer Reduce Skin Rash

Some rashes are caused due to dry skin so it is better if you keep your skin hydrated. Apply some vitamin E cream or cod liver oil over the rash to keep it moisturized.

Aloe vera ointments could be equally effective in soothing and moisturizing the rash. Aloe vera has a cooling and soothing effect, so it will also relieve the itching and burning sensation.

Clearing The Liver

Turmeric Paste Reduce Skin Rash

In some form of skin rashes which are usually systemic, the liver is affected. You could make a mixture out of turmeric powder, dandelion and some milk. Drink this twice a daily to reduce liver toxicity. With your liver functioning well, the allergy will be washed out in no time.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Skin Rash

Take one spoon of apple cider vinegar with some honey and apply it over the rash. This is very effective for localized rashes. This helps in eliminating the superficial allergy and clears your skin by removing all allergy causing agents. You can do this about 3 times in a day until you notice your natural texture of skin returning.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Reduce Skin Rash

It gives a great boost to your immune system. Fill up your system with citrus fruits and juices because they have a great quantity of vitamin C. If the allergy is systemic, the bacteria or allergen will be soon flushed out from your body with the help of a healthy immune system.

Avoid Cosmetics

Avoid Cosmetics For Skin Rash

Cosmetic products like creams or make up may aggravate your skin condition. Try to avoid all these things for some time until your skin is healthy again. Give it sometime and your skin will back to normal again.
Skin allergies may be severe but they last for a very short time.

For emergency cases, you could take a dose of anti-allergy lotions or a shot of diphenylamine to save yourself from an anaphylactic shock but for long term treatments it is best to stick to home based treatments. They are very beneficial and won’t aggravate your condition any further.