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6 Home Remedies For Removing Tan

Home Remedies For Removing Tan

[toc]Tanning can look pretty embarrassing when there is a double shade visible on a certain area of your skin.Tanning is a severe problem in all seasons. In winter, we could prevent it and also hide it if we wear full sleeves but in summers it is best to just cure it.

There is no need to use expensive tanning agents when you have simple home remedies to do the trick.  Natural ingredients are known to remove tan easily and really quick. They even work quite effectively so here is a list of natural ways to deal with tanning

Home Remedies For Removing Tan


Yogurt For Removing Tan

Take a bowl of chilled yogurt and mix some turmeric powder to it. Make a paste out of it and apply it on the skin of your face, neck and hands for about 20 minutes daily. You will be able to notice changes almost immediately.


Cucumber For Removing Tan

Take one half of a cucumber and mix one tablespoon of milk powder or milk and add some drops of lime juice to it. Apply it on the tanned region and wait until it dries off. Wash it away with normal tap water. Use this remedy once every week to notice best results.


Tomatoes For Removing Tan

Tomatoes have an antioxidant action and along with removing tan they also give your skin a nice glow. Use one half of the tomato and rub the inner skin of the tomato on the tanned area. The tomato seeds and juice should come in contact with the skin. You could practice this method twice or thrice in a week.


Almonds For Removing Tan

It may sound strange, but almonds are quite effective in treating the tan. Take 5 to 10 fresh green almonds and grind them in a paste. Mix this paste with one tablespoon of sandalwood oil and apply on the affected area. If you don’t have fresh almonds, you could soak normal almonds overnight and repeat the same procedure to apply on your skin.


Papaya For Removing Tan

Massaging mashed papaya on your skin can be really beneficial as a tan removing treatment. Papaya restores the lost moisture of your skin as well. If you are exposed to a lot of sun every day and your skin is suffering because of the harmful UV rays and pollution then papaya is the best solution for you.

Lime Juice

Lime Juice For Removing Tan

It is the easiest known treatment to tackle tanning at home. Just take a few drops of lime juice and apply it to your skin. Let it be there for around 15 minutes and then you may wash it off. If the acidity of the lemon irritates your skin then you can reduce the frequency of the usage. Instead of using twice or thrice weekly you can cut down to once in a week as well.

All these above mentioned remedies are great to remove daily tanning so select whichever suits you best. Basic things you should keep in mind while going out in the sun is protecting your skin and eyes. Sun’s rays can prove to be really damaging if you are exposed daily. Therefore always remember to use the right protection while stepping out in the sun.