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6 Home Remedies To Promote Regular Bowel Movements

Remedies For Regular Bowel Movements

[toc]Smooth body functioning is one of the major achievements that one needs to work on. Herein, the digestive system needs to work in proper condition to have a smooth life. For those who have regular issues of constipation and irregular bowel movements have to undergo a lot of cramps and pain.

To ensure that this crisis is treated and regular bowel movements is promoted one need to work on certain remedies on a regular basis. The guide below will help you out in getting perfect outcomes for proper and smooth bowels and keep the body fit and active. Check them out and make a pick now for right outcomes:

6 Best Home Remedies To Promote Regular Bowel Movements

Hot Water And Lemon Juice

Hot Water And Lemon Juice For Regular Bowel Movements

Drink a glass of hot water to with some lemon juice has been squeezed in. this should be sipped every morning on an empty stomach. The same can be taken after every heavy meal to promote bowels. It is one of the easiest and the most effective home treatments for reaching your goals. On top of that, it is quite reasonable on the pocket too.

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Grounded Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds For Regular Bowel Movements

One of the other home products that can give you flawless results where triggering regular bowel movements are concerned is to have a teaspoon of grounded flax seeds.

The laxative effects of the seed help in giving you best results. The flaxseed powder can either be consumed with water or else sprinkled on top of various salads and dishes to get ideal outcomes. It can also be mixed in cookies and muffin to get the results.

Pysllium Seeds

Pysllium Seeds For Regular Bowel Movements

These are another of the many natural products that is known for the promotion of bowel movements and give you freedom from the signs of constipation. Take about 1-2 teaspoons of the seeds on granola, oatmeal and even in the recipes of muffins and cookies. This should be consumed everyday for consistent results on regular bowel movements.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil For Regular Bowel Movements

Mix equal quantities of any juice with the same amount of olive oil. This will help in the lubrication of the tract and thus help in easier and more regular bowel movements each day. This is one home remedy that gives you flawless outcomes. This helps in bulk stool production and thus regulates the digestive system.

Fennel Seeds Concoction

Fennel Seeds Concoction For Regular Bowel Movements

A handful of fennel seeds can be soaked in filtered water overnight which should be consumed early in the morning. This is known to lubricate the digestive tract and give good results where regular bowel movements are concerned.

The water also helps in regulating the system and thus adds a lot of other benefits to the body as well. Follow it daily until the bowels regulate on a consistent basis.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloevera Juice For Regular Bowel Movements

Along with soothing properties, Aloe Vera gel or juice in the quantity of about 2 tablespoons is more than enough to promote regular bowel movements by regulating the digestive system. This can be mixed with some fresh fruit juice and consumed early in the morning to get brilliant outcomes in hand.