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6 Known Causes Of Knee Arthritis Pain

Knee Arthritis Pain Knee Arthritis Pain

[toc]When natural cushioning between the joints, the cartilage, gets worn out due to prolonged wear and tear of joints, it result in arthritis called as osteoarthritis. Loss of cartilage causes bone to rub closely against each other leading to swelling, stiffness, pain, bone spurs and restricted mobility.It majorly affects the weight bearing joints like hip, knee and spine, with highest probability of knees getting affected as we tend to care least for knees and often use them roughly.

Knee arthritis pain tends to occur more beyond the age 45, but has been observed in young individuals too.Around 27 million individuals in US suffer from osteoarthritis with knees getting affected the most. Women due to their low bone mass tend to suffer of high probability for knee arthritis pain as compared to men.

Causes Of Knee Arthritis Pain


Aging remains the most common cause for development of arthritis of the knee and each one of us is bound to develop some degree of knee arthritis, with approaching old age.

This is because the tendency of repairing is reduced to large extent and hence, the worn out cartilage is not able to get healed properly. But, there are many other factors that can elevate the risk of developing knee arthritis pain at an early stage of life.

Over Indulgence In Sports Activities

Athletes participating in tennis, soccer and long distance running are at an increased risk of developing knee arthritis as they are bound to suffer from more injuries due to their occupation.

The more amount of wear and tear on continual basis tends to deteriorate the joint structure and the support system. Therefore, sports personnel must be extra careful and take all measure like knee cap, to decrease occurrence of injuries.

Repetitive Stressful Injuries

People in occupations that involve lots of activity with squatting, kneeling or carrying heavy weights (around 55 pounds or more) are highly likely to develop knee arthritis due to continual pressure over the knee joints.

Such individuals must indulge in some stretching exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joints as over stressed or weaken muscles causes more strain over the knee joint rather than distributing the load.


Overweight Overweight

Excess body weight is harm to the body and especially the joints, including the knee joints that manage most of the body weight.

Excess weight overloads the knee joints, causing each joint movement more of a tedious task and resulting in high amounts of wear and tear of cartilage and loss of synovial fluid of the joint.

Every pound of weight gained, pressurizes the knee joint with 3 to 4 folds more weight, resulting in its early aging and severe knee pain.


Certain illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic disorder with iron overload and high production of growth hormone puts one at risk for developing knee arthritis.

Knee arthritis causes pain and stiffness, but joint pain due to knee rheumatoid arthritis is much more severe.

Hereditary And Gender

Being a woman put one at higher risk for knee arthritis and hereditary factors that may be related to certain gene mutations of the knee joint or bone abnormalities around the knee joint, puts an individual at risk of developing knee arthritis pain early in life.