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6 Simple Treatments For Bursitis

[toc]The Bursae are sacs located in various parts of the body. These sacs are filled with a certain fluid which acts as cushion between the bone, muscle and the tendon. The Synovial cells that are located around the sac produce the lubrication required to fill the ‘Bursae’. Sometimes, the Synovia cells fail to produce the lubrication. In such cases, the person suffers from pain in the joint or inflammation of the joint and also experiences difficulty in movement.


There are some medicines which help in managing the Bursitis. Home remedies are also found to be useful for Bursitis treatments.

6 Treatments For Bursitis

Ice Packs Therapy

This is particularly helpful when the patient is suffering from inflammation. Put some ice packs in the affected parts. Allow to remain for about fifteen minutes. Thereafter remove the pack.

After removing the pack, the patient is advised to do exercise lightly. Continue with this treatment for about four to five days. This process can give you a substantial relief.


Mullein Tea Packs

This is similar to ice pack therapy. Prepare Mullein Tea and soak a cloth in the tea. Now put the cloth on the area affected by Bursitis. Allow it to remain for about one hour.

Now remove the pack and wash the area thoroughly with warm water. Instead of Mullein tea even skullcap tea or chamomile tea or hops can also be used as a pack. Continue with this treatment for about a week.

Mullein Tea

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Avocado And Green Vegetables

Take few green vegetables, potato, Broccoli and Avocado. Cut them into small pieces. Heat one tablespoonful of Olive oil on a pan. Put all the vegetables in the pan and allow it to cook for about ten minutes.

Add salt to taste. Add a half teaspoon of ginger paste. Mix them thoroughly. Now, remove the vegetables from the pan. These vegetables are rich in Vitamin B 12, and they help to reduce inflammation caused by Bursists.



Your physiotherapist will prescribe certain exercises. Do these exercises regularly. Even yoga is found to be very much helpful in getting rid of Bursists. Practice yoga under the guidance of a trained and experienced instructor.

Drink enough water and take food rich in nutrients and vitamins. Practice meditation and that gives you enough self confidence to tackle the Bursitis.


Ginger ‘Poutlice’

Take about 2 inches long ground root ginger. Wash it thoroughly and crush it. Add about half teaspoon turmeric and make Poutlice. You can also add one peal of garlic.

Apply it on the affected part. Allow it to remain at least for about two to three hours. Then remove ‘Poutlice’ and wash the area thoroughly with warm water. For quick relief, drink about half a glass of ginger tea twice a day.


Obelia Oil

Whenever you notice stiffness of the joints, take about one teaspoon of Obelia oil and apply it on the affected part. Gently massage the affected part for about ten minutes.

If the oil dries you can apply some more oil. Within minutes after applying this oil you would notice a substantial improvement in the movement of the joints. Continue this treatment for about one week.

Obelia Oil

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