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6 Top Home Remedies For Depression

Home Remedies For Depression

[toc]Depression is a low state in the level of mental well being of a person. A depressed person’s thoughts and feelings are full of negativity and sadness which is reflected in the behaviour. Anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, irritability, restlessness make the depressed person lose interests in activities which were enjoyable before. Other symptoms like loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, overeating, insomnia, excessive sleep, feelings of weakness, digestive problems may also be present. When depression is major or a feature of psychiatric disorders e.g. clinical depression it asks for immediate medical help.

Most of the times it may be due to a normal reaction to certain incidences, side effects of drugs, etc. The reason depression should be treated is that it may lead to chronic or major depression. It may lead to heart disease, lack of sleep, suicidal thoughts and other problems which hinder normal life and make the life of people around miserable too. Let’s know some home remedies for depression which can be helpful to you or to any of your acquaintance who is going through this difficult phase.

6 Home Remedies For Depression

Express your Depressive Feelings

Express Your Depressive Feelings

Bottled up sad emotions and apprehensions eventually lead to depression. Expressing worries and fears in front of people whom you can trust helps. You may also jot down your feelings of insecurity, and burn the paper on which you write them, your fears will diminish and you will have a different perspective of looking at the problems in life.If you know of someone who is in a depressive state make sure not to leave the person alone and communicate with the person in the best way possible so as to give the person a chance of expressing inner fears and worries.

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Set Small Targets

Set Small Targets For Depression

When a person is depressed, small jobs can appear to be big tasks as there is a lack of will, in such circumstances it is better to have daily small goals in which you are sure to succeed.As you start getting back your confidence you may move on to bigger targets which can be easily achieved with the new found confidence.

Use Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Depression

Having foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, trout, herring, mackerel etc. help to reduce depression. They contain fats which are required for the smooth functioning of the body but omega 3 fatty acids cannot be synthesized in the human body hence have to be taken in the form of food.They help in reducing inflammation. You may also have them as fish oil supplement. Be careful if you are taking blood thinning medicines or having bipolar disorder.

Avoid Alcohol And Coffee

Avoid Alcohol For Depression

Coffee contains caffeine which suppresses serotonin production and hence increases depression.Alcoholic beverages like beer, wine etc. may appear to lighten the mood but these are pseudo signals as eventually they achieve a depressive effect.

Reduce Sugar

Reduce Sugar For Depression

Reduce the intake of sugar and  refined carbohydrates like white bread, white pasta etc.  as the fluctuations caused by these in the blood sugar levels cause stress.Sugar levels when increased or decreased influence the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol and when you are already in a depressed state this may be extremely harmful.

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Go Easy

Yoga Reduce Depression

This is my last but the most important tip for getting rid of depression. If you have a hectic life go easy. Relax by meditating, doing some yoga regularly and going for a massage. Mind and body both should be relaxed with  proper sleep and well nourished to drive away depression. Take a break from work or go for a vacation.

One of my friends who had lost someone in the family went for a vacation with the other family members. This tip may sound socially unacceptable but going away from the place which reminded them constantly of the deceased, helped them to come out of the depressive state as they could accept the reality more easily.

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