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6 Top Ways To Last Longer In Bed

[toc]Entertainment is an essential part of life. People want entertainment because it gives pleasure. Pleasure is very imperative to people. They seek pleasure to relax themselves and enjoy life. There are a variety of activities which can provide pleasure. But according to research and statistics the most popular activity which is carried out to gain pleasure is sexual intercourse.

Last Longer In Bed

However in recent years a trend has been noticed. Many sexual relationships do not last for long. When this matter was thoroughly explored it was realized that most of these relationships failed because the females were unsatisfied with the prowess of their male partners. Therefore males are always in search of finding ways on how to last longer in bed and to prevent premature ejaculation. To cure premature ejaculation there are a series of steps outlined which men have to contend with if they desire to know how to last longer in bed-

6 Various Ways To Last Longer In Bed

Practice More

To last longer in bed, the first simple suggestion that people will make is to practice sex. Once you do it over and over again it will not excite you that quickly and hence you will be able to control when you ejaculate. Most men think that this will make sex boring instead of helping them to know how to last longer in bed. This is not the case.


Kegel Exercises

Secondly some males ejaculate quickly because their body is oversensitive. If that is the case then masturbating regularly will bring down that sensitivity to a level where it is controllable. Hence it will be easier to direct the time of ejaculating.

This includes practicing urinating stoppage, which works very well in increasing blood flow and helps you last longer. Try masturbation, along with regular massaging and stretching of the penis. This helps you to improvise the blood flow in the area and thus help in longer lasting erections.

Kegel Exercise

Take A break

Third step is to take a break when you realize you are near the climax. If you are able to resist the urge then that means you have mastered the art of premature ejaculation. Also breathing techniques help in balancing sexual stamina so breathing exercises should be performed.This should be tried.

The last step to learn how to last longer in bed is that men should opt for positions where they have control so they can withdraw when they think they might ejaculate and thus can relax for a while before starting again.

breathing techniques

Breathing And Relaxation

First they have to train and strength some specific muscles in their pelvic area. These muscles are the ones which assist in ejaculating. They should be in a relaxed state and not tighten. It is impossible to ejaculate when these muscles are relaxed.

Secondly to last longer in bed men should learn to be able to control breathing which will help in calming their aroused body. There are also exercises defined by experts which help in controlling the reflex of premature ejaculation.


Warm Compress

For starters you can start giving yourself a warm compress before lovemaking. Use a wet towel, which has been dipped in luke warm water. This massages the area and stimulates blood flow. As a result, you can get a better erection. There are also various kinds of exercises that would help you boost your sexual performance.



Creams can be used to desensitize an oversensitive body. The use of protection means that the skin does not come directly in contact and thus hinder sensitivity.

These help you in mastering the art of controlling your body and thus help you last longer in bed.


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