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6 Treatments For Irritable Male Syndrome

[toc]A lot of women complain of their husbands’ anger, irritability, hypersensitivity and being generally difficult to deal with suddenly or over a period of time. It is quite like that these men are suffering from what is recognised as Irritable Male Syndrome. It is a condition which appears mostly in men aged between 40 and 70.

Irritable Male Syndrome

Men suffering from this condition may also show mood swings, sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and social withdrawal. It is mostly due to the andropause, a condition similar to menopause that women undergo in similar ages. There are a few things that can be done to get rid of this condition and be the gentleman again.

6 Treatment Options For Irritable Male Syndrome

Get A Hormone Test Done

It is quite likely that men suffering from Irritable Male Syndrome have a low testosterone, the hormone that is responsible for sex drive and general masculinity in men. If the testosterone levels are even found to be low it is nothing to worry about as today there are ways to increase testosterone levels through injections and oral doses that you may take after consulting with a professional.

oral medication

Stay Active

Stress is a big cause for all the irritating, angering and frustrating emotions and men tend to experience it in various ways such as business losses, salary issues, getting a hard time from boss, nearing work deadlines etc. The multiple causes of stress keep building the stress which needs a way out.

It can either be taken out via the mode of emotions or by being in motion i.e. staying active. Exercise, swim, jog, practise martial arts, run, skip or just keep busy in doing physically involving chores like fetching things from the market. It is a great way to say goodbye to Irritable Male Syndrome.


Quit Alcohol

Alcohol not just damages the liver but also has been researched to lower the level of testosterone in men over time. So if you wish to save your sexual life, quit alcohol.


Common Causes Of Irritable Male Syndrome
Irritable Male Syndrome Symptoms

Balanced Diet

A lot of men who suffer from Irritable Male Syndrome have been observed to be eating an unhealthy diet comprising of fried items and meat mostly. These foods are high on saturated fats and protein but low in good carbohydrates which makes the serotonin levels in the brain go down.

This hormone, serotonin, which is a feel good hormone can be increased by having a more balanced diet by reducing the amount of fried items and meat and eating lots of fruits, vegetables and grains.



A lot of men may double up their anger levels upon hearing that they need to see a psychologist or a counsellor, but this sure may help. If not a professional, the man can even talk about his issues with a trustworthy person like his spouse. A non-judgemental hearing often solves most of the problem and help the man feel comforted.

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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation have a very good effect on anybody who is looking for a relief from stress and an emotional balance. There are even many yoga poses that are good for treating men’s sexual health. Devoting some time to practising yoga and meditation would be a very good way to holistically treat the Irritable Male Syndrome.


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