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6 Ways To Get Maximum Sexual Pleasure

One of the main goals of both men and women where sex is concerned is to get maximum pleasure when in bed. This leads to a gratifying situation and thus helps in keeping the relationship smooth and happy. However, there are a lot of people in the population who are not aware of the fact that with simple ideas and tips one can attain maximum sexual pleasure and a memorable experience.

These tips are 100 percent safe and free from all kinds of side effects. It is only to enhance your sexual encounters and thus give you all the reasons to feel good about yourself. Check this guide for more: –

Best Tips To Get Maximum Sexual Pleasure

1. Train The Muscles

If the pelvic muscles are strong, then there is nothing better than getting an intense orgasm. Training the muscles of pelvic region along with that of the body is very important to Training the muscles of pelvic region along with that of the body is very important to maintain the strengt. It will help in the achievement of maximum sexual pleasure.

One needs to work out regularly to bring the strength and control over the muscles that is involved in the feelings of pleasure. Erotic training can also be done here where both the partners get involved.

Ways To Get Maximum Sexual Pleasure2. Use Kegels And Mudras

A simple way to follow successful kegel exercise also known as vajroli mudra is to contract the muscles down there while urinating. This should be done 15 times in one set and it is advisable to perform 3 sets each day of the same.

This is one beneficial tip that can be followed anytime along with any important work you are doing. It leads to delayed gratification while on bed and thus gives maximum sexual pleasure.

e Kegels And Mudras

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3. Try New Positions

Do not let monotony kill your sexual pleasure. To ensure that this does not happen, one should adhere to various different sexual positions each time.

Keep experimenting with new ideas to ensure that the spark is balanced in the relationship and you even attain maximum sexual pleasure as a dual benefit.

4. Use Foreplay To Your Advantage

Foreplay helps in giving you a sexual experience for a prolonged period of time unlike in quick sessions that becomes monotonous and boring after a while.

Some training is required here on how to make the foreplay technique sensual and something that gives you and your partner immense pleasure. Adhere to oral sex, touching, fondling and kissing for a while before the orgasm to ensure that maximum pleasure is reached.

Foreplay To Your Advantage

5. Get A Sensual Massage

Use some aromatic and erotic oils to get a good massage preferably from your partner. This heightens the senses and will make you feel aroused and excited about the next step.

Try and learn the art of massage and teach your partner the same. This is going to help you in reaching the maximum level of pleasure in sex.


Sensual Massage

6. Abstain From Orgasm

Well again, a significant tip for maximum sexual pleasure comes with the fact that a man should always abstain from orgasm in the early stages.

Once you reach the pinnacle of sexual experience where you are on the edge of orgasm, stop for a while and then start again. Follow this 2-3 times before you actually reach the climax. It will intensify the pleasure threefold.

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