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6 Yoga Poses To Fight Skin Problems

Yoga Poses To Fight Skin Problems

The skin is the biggest of organs in the body in regard to the area it covers and also in weight. It covers all the inner parts and secures them. It gives protection from harmful organisms. Contagion, mismanaged hormones, free mutineers, and receptiveness to the sun are some usual reasons for skin ailments. Sufficient blood circulation, hormone balance, arresting of free radicals, supply of more oxygen, reduced stress and strong immunity are the solutions.

These Solutions Can Be Accomplished Through Yoga:

1. Standing Forward Bend

This pose regulates the blood circulation of the blood in the head, face and neck. This asana aids to calm the facial muscles and balance the hormones that promote the health of the skin. Standing straight put both your hands on your hips. Inhale standing straight. Then exhale as and when you exhale. Your hands should be kept on the floor at the sides of your feet. The feet must be kept in parallel to one another. Extend your trunk ahead and elongate and lift the rear bone. Stand in that pose for a few seconds and then release and relax.

2. Triangle Pose

The Triangle pose aids in pumping fresh and increased quantity of blood to the face. It removes toxins, kills the free mutineers and helps to clear out obstructions. Any kind of stress that is ensnared in the muscles in the face is eased. It helps you to have a glowing and healthy skin. Keep your feet separately. Raise your hands and keep them parallel to the floor. Face your palms downwards. Keep your left foot at 45 degrees and the right foot at right angle. Keep your heels so that they form a straight line. Reach out and touch your right foot with your right hand and stretch your left hand towards the ceiling. Look up at your left hand. Hold the pose for some time and release it and do repeat it on the other side.

Triangle Pose

3. Cobra Pose

Stretch out and open your heart so that the breathing improves. Better blood circulation is created when you inhale more oxygen and it helps to remove contagion and it kills the free mutineers in the body. This pose regulates hormones also. Acne, psoriasis, premature aging, rosacea and many other dermis ailments can be minimized by regularly practicing this pose. Lie on your stomach with the legs extended out and face feet down. Keep your elbows at your side and lift the chest keeping the weight of the body on the elbows. Take a deep breath and breathe out strongly.

Cobra Pose

4. Head On Knee Pose

The head on knee pose balances hormones and clears mutineers from the body. It escalates the oxygen and blood flow to the facial muscles. Your skin gets a rejuvenated and refreshed feeling. Fold the left leg so that your left foot comes in contact with the right thigh. Bend forward slowly and touch your knee with your head and your feet with your hands. Hold on for some time as you breathe completely. Repeat the same stretch with the left leg stretched out.

Head On Knee Pose

5. Legs Up The Wall

Practice the legs up the wall pose regularly to arrest free mutineers and improve the oxygen supply in the face. Toxins are pushed out of the body and the dermis is shielded from all allergies and complications. Sit athwart a wall and raise your legs up the wall slowly. Lie down slowly on the floor and extend your hands to your sides and make sure the palms face upward. Close the eyes and breathe when you are comfortable.

Legs Up The Wall

6. Wind Relieving Pose

The wind relieving pose stimulates and organizes the digestive system. It aids to push out the toxins from the body by promoting proper digestion and elevating circulation of blood. This aids the dermis to clear out blemishes and acne. You will attain clear and radiant skin with regular practice of this exercise and have skin that you yearned for. Lie on the floor flat on your back. Bend your knees to fold and hug them. Lift the head from the floor and take your nose betwixt your knees. Hold the position for some time and take a deep breath and release.

Wind Relieving Pose

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