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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of The Clary Sage Essential Oil

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of The Clary Sage Essential OilThe scientific name of the clary sage essential oil is the salvia sclarea, it is also known as the muscatel oil. The clary sage essential oil has it root from the Europe, we get this oil from the leaves and the buds of the plants of the sage, It has the many properties like it has the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and many other properties, it has the extensive use in many industry.

There Are Many Health Benefits Of This Oil, Some Of Them Are Listed Below.

1. Depression-

If you have a hectic schedule throughout a day, if you are not able to sleep proper, if you have the headache, then you can go with the clary sage triggers the libido which is the main cause of the stress, you can add clary sage essential oil to your bath and also you can inhale the vapor of the clary sage essential oil. [1] 

2. Perfume-

Clary sage essential oil we get from the buds of the sage plants, it is slightly bitter in taste, but the smell of this perfume is so good and it is strong in nature, this is used by many natural perfume makers and also we get it in many room fresheners also. [2] 

3. Insomnia-

This is the most dangerous problems now a days people are facing, in this we are not able to sleep while our body needs rest at it is tired from the work of the whole day, there are many pills are there in the market, but all of them have some harmful effect on you, but if you go with the natural way to insomnia, then this is the best option for you, all you need to add few drops of the clary sage essential oil along with the chamomile oil and lavender oil, you will be able to sleep fast. [3] 

4. Menstrual Cycle-

Due to the pressure of the work, improper diet, tension and stress, women have some irregular menstrual cycles and that can leads a serious problem to them also, clary sage essential oil has the ability to control the hormones secretion and this can maintain a regular menstrual cycle and also it eases the cramps by the menstrual cycle. [4] 
Menstrual Cycle

5. Asthma-

We have breathing problems is we are suffering from this, due to the weaker muscles of the lungs we have this problem, but clary sage essential oil has the ability to strengthen the muscles of the bronchial tubes and we get the breathe easily. Clary sage oil has the ability to have a stress free mind, so the chances of the asthmatic attack will be less. [5] 

6. Skin Infections-

Clary sage essential oil has the antimicrobial properties, which will not allow the microbacterias to grow on the wound and the skin infections, we should apply this oil to the area, it fights with the most common,  staphylococcus skin infections also, so you should always keep this oil with you always. [6] 
Skin Infections

7. Tooth Gum Related Problems-

If we have the pain in our gums, then it is a serious problems, this pain can be caused by the redness, bleeding, swelling of the gums, clary sage oil can give us relief from the pain, all  you need to take a bowl, add hot water of it about 125 ml, then add 4 drops of the clary sage essential oil, with the oil, now leave it in the mouth for sometime and spit it but don’t swallow it. [7]