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7 Best Foods For Improving Erectile Dysfunction

[toc]Sex is one of the most important aspects in the life of both men and women. Sexual gratification is one of the basic requirements for any healthy or happy relationship. However, there are a lot of sexual issues that prevent a lot of people to achieve maximum satisfaction because of which they face downs in their relationship.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction which is simple terms is the problem that men face where there is erection issue of the penis is quite common nowadays due to a lot of reasons. The below mentioned list have some top foods that can help you out in a safe manner to get out of the ailment: –

7 Foods For Improving Erectile Dysfunction


This might make you think that caffeine usually has negative impacts on the body but where erectile dysfunction is concerned, one should know that coffee helps in boosting the metabolism and also pump up the blood to the sexual organs including the penis. It gives you a lot of energy to last the entire night and improves the dysfunction problem. A cup each day is the best you can do.



Arginine is one of the enzymes that are present in papaya. It is one of the ingredients that are usually used in the medications that are made for treating erectile dysfunction. Including a bowl of payaya can really help you in achieving the goals of treating erectile dysfunction.



Not only is garlic known for the improvement of blood circulation in the body and to the organs, it also helps in relaxing the blood vessels. It helps the body in the production of hydrogen sulfide and also has the enzyme allicin that are both responsible for proper blood pumping and improving the conditions of dysfunction of the erection. Include garlic in the dishes to get the best results in hand.



The high levels of zinc in oysters make it a perfect food for not only increasing the sex drive but also in overcoming the issues of erectile dysfunction. It also helps in improving the sperm count and increase testosterone levels. Dopamine is the enzyme that helps in improving the libido. Overall it contributes to a lot of sexual aspects and also improves the erectile dysfunction.



Potassium content in bananas helps men long ways in keeping their penis erect during sexual experiences. It is also known for improving the blood circulation and keeps a healthy heart. Overall, a banana each day will keep the sex drive on a good level and improve the dysfunction of penis erection.


Peanuts and Almonds

For proper erection, one needs to have good levels of vitamin E in their diet. Almonds and peanuts are two of the top notch foods that can fulfill this requirement. This is definitely going to help you reach the goals successfully and without any efforts. Just a handful of these nuts and you are good to go where erectile dysfunction treatment is concerned.



Famously known as the sexual stimulant, avocados are definitely one of the foods that is recommended during improvement of sexual drive. Apart from that, researches show that it has high levels of folic acid that can help in giving a lot of energy and B vitamins that improves the sex hormones in men. It also reduces the stress. All these benefits contribute to the improvement of erectile dysfunction.


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