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7 Easiest Ways To Increase Testosterone

[toc]TestosteroneIf a man has low levels of testosterone in his body, then his energy and stamina to have sex along with his desire to have sex gets reduced to a large extent. The testicles of a man produce a hormone named testosterone and it is mainly associated with a man being potent and his ability to reproduce.

If you are suffering from the problem of low levels of testosterone and are not being able to satisfy your partner or perform well in bed, then we bring to you the 7 easiest ways to increase the testosterone levels in an effective manner.

Best Ways To Increase The Testosterone Levels

Foods To Eat

seedsThe food that you eat plays a very important role in keeping the level of testosterone high in your body. Consume loads of oysters, pumpkin seeds and the liver of chicken which are rich in zinc and help to increase testosterone immensely. Including cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli in your everyday diet will help to do away with the extra estrogen in your body and in turn increase testosterone. Bananas contain riboflavin which is a B vitamin and helps manufacture testosterone in the body.

Hit The Gym Regularly

 ExercisesWorking out in the gym can work wonders in not only keeping you fit but also helping you increase your testosterone level in an easy manner. Do loads of weight training as this has a direct effect on the testosterone level. Lift heavy weights with fewer repetitions. Keep your cardio exercises moderate as too much of it can cause the levels of testosterone in your body to drop at a rapid speed.

Say No To Alcohol

AlcoholIt is suggested that consuming too much of alcohol regularly can suppress the level of testosterone in your body as it may cause inflammation and also degrade it. Try not to consume more than one or two drinks, especially if you wish to have sex with your partner later that night.

Use Ginseng Extracts

GinsengGinseng is a very old and famous herb which helps to increase libido along with the level of testosterone in a man’s body. The central nervous system along with the gonadal tissues gets stimulated when a person consumes this herb and this facilitates in erection. Try to consume around 30 to 40 mg of ginseng extracts till the levels rise.

Sleep Well Every Night

SleepGetting sound sleep each and every night is yet another simple way to increase the level of testosterone in your body. When you are sleeping, the growth hormones along with testosterone get high, make you more energized than before and fill you with stamina. Make sure you sleep for at least 7 t 8 hours every night.

Sex – Have Loads Of It!

Many few people know that the more sex you have, the higher your testosterone levels are or increase gradually. Also, ejaculating frequently gives a great boost to your testosterone level and keeps it at its best by working out the entire endocrine system.

Vitamin D Is Just What You Need

Vitamin DVitamin D can be of great help in increasing testosterone levels and also help you feel energized for sex. It ensures that the sperm’s nucleus develops in a healthy manner and that the quality and quantity of the semen is proper. Try to sit under the sunlight for at least 30 to 40 minutes every day and see the levels rise on its own.

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