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7 Home Remedies For Heel Pain

Home Remedies For Heel Pain

[toc]Women love  fashionable high heels and why shouldn’t they actually? You certainly look smarter when your height is enhanced with your lovely pair of heels – but what about the pain which bothers you after spending few hours or sometimes days in such great shoes.

In the fear of this pain or discomfort, there are many beautiful ladies who shy away from wearing high heels. Well – if you are one of them and love to flaunt your looks in these heels, here are some great home remedies for heel pain. So, no more worries about spending painful time after wearing your loved heels. Here are some options to tackle the heel pain at home.

7 Heel Pain Remedies At Home

Ice Therapy

Ice Therapy For Heel Pain

This is the simplest way to ease the pain. You need to apply icepack on your painful heel for at least 20 minutes whenever you feel the pain. You can also try rolling your foot over an ice bottle or an ice pack. This ice therapy helps in reducing the pain and will also lessen the swelling. Ice helps in temporary numbing the area and offers relief.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar Reduce Heel Pain

Vinegar is used in several home remedies and works excellently for heel pain. You may suffer from sprains or strain, vinegar will offer you relief. You can use vinegar wraps cold or hot for the purpose. To prepare this you need two vessels of hot and cold water with equal quantities of vinegar.

Now soak a towel in the hot water-vinegar mixture, squeeze to remove excess water and then wrap it around your heel. You can keep this wrap for 10 minutes. After ten minutes repeat the same process using cold water-vinegar mixture. If you repeat this 2-3 times, you will get relief.

Hot And Cold Therapy

Soak Foot In Hot Water

Hot and cold water therapy works excellently in treating heel pain. Hot water treatment helps in promoting blood flow while cold treatment helps in reducing the inflammation. You can fill a bucket with hot water and another bucket with cold water. You can sit in a chair and slowly dip your feet in the bearable hot water for ten minutes. You can then dip your feet in cold water for similar duration. You can repeat the whole process at least three times. Your heel pain will reduce.

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt Reduce Heel Pain

Epsom salt is very effective in soothing heel pain and offers instant relief. Your feet might be tired and achy too – all you need to do is mix Epsom salt in warm water. You can use 2-3 tablespoons of this salt and mix it in warm water well. You can soak you feet in this warm salt water for 10 minutes and use a towel to dry it. Heat and magnesium combination helps in easing the pain.

Pamper With Essential Oils

Essential Oils Reduce Heel Pain

In a bowl of hot water add essential oils like peppermint oil, rosemary oil or eucalyptus oil and soak your heels in this water for 10 minutes. You will get relief from the pain and inflammation. You can also make a stimulating salve at home by combining 3 tablespoons of sesame oil and olive oil.

This can then be used to massage your aching heels. It will increase blood circulation and ease your pain. You can prepare another massage oil with 3 drops of lavender oil, chamomile oil and also geranium oil. This can be used to massage the heel for added benefits.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds Reduce Heel Pain

Mustard seeds are very effective in treating foot pain. These help in the removal of toxic water from body, helps in blood circulation and helps in removing any kind of inflammation. Thus, helping you in getting relief from foot pain. To use mustard seeds, you need to grind them finely and add them in a bucket of moderately hot water. You need to soak your feet in this water for at least fifteen minutes. This will help in controlling the pain and reducing the swelling.

Corn Starch

Corn Starch Reduce Heel Pain

Corn starch is another interesting home remedy for heel pain. It helps to keep your skin dry and prevents further swelling. It will also help in keeping your feet warm. To use it as a home remedy, you can take a spoonful of corn starch and rub it on the heels. It will absorb the moisture from the area. You can also sprinkle corn starch powder in your heels before going to bed. It will offer relief from swelling and pain. Next time you experience heel pain, try any one of the above home remedies and you can be assured of getting relief in a short time.