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7 Home Remedies For Itching

Itching, is also called pruritus in medical terms and is caused because of the stimuli that tends to bother some part of the body. Basically, itching is not really a problem in itself, but is kind of a reaction that our body has. So it can be said that itching is more of a reflex action against some kind of external agent, which is bothering our skin. It may be because of some fungus or bacteria or even other similar problems.

7 Remedies For Itching

When something itches, we tend to scratch it and in this reference, even our hair and scalp is prone to itching. The body tends to scratch the area, which may get further stimulated or infected because of the same. Hence, itching may have adverse reactions due to scratching. It is also annoying and irritating. Here are some simple and easy to follow home remedies that work to curb itching issues:

7 Itching Home Remedies


Oats are one of the best ways to combat the problem of itching. It helps in better hygiene and soothes the skin to prevent itching from getting worse. Here, you  have to add about a couple of cups of oatmeal, which is not cooked and also should be unprocessed. Then fill up a bath with some water and mix this oatmeal in the same. Remember to avoid using hot water here because then the oatmeal action subsides and the hot water will only make it worse for you. Then submerge yourself in this relaxing bath and enjoy the relief that your skin gets.

oatmeal for itching

The irritation will fade away soon and the oatmeal curbs rashes. Another alternative here is make a paste from oatmeal and warm water and apply a pack on the body or areas, where it is itching. Keep the same for a minimum of 30 minutes and then wash it off. Do not apply soap post the treatment because it will only make itching worse by drying the skin.

Aloe Vera

Nothing soothes the skin like Aloe Vera with the amazing anti-inflammatory properties it has, which soothes the symptoms of itching. It is also rich in antibacterial and anti fungal elements. There are essential vitamins in gel too along with many other active compounds that are great in healing and treating burns along with combating signs of itching. You just have to take a leaf of the plant and then cut it open using a knife or even a cutter.

Aloe Vera2

Then scoop out the gel and then apply generously all over the area. Let the aloe gel dry up completely. The benefit here is that you don’t have to worry about washing it off. It is not very sticky and doesn’t attract dirt so you don’t have to worry about further infections. It can also be mixed with some green clay and applied as a pack.

Essential Oils

It is a myth that oil makes itching worse. There are a lot of essential oils that help in alleviating irritation and skin itching and thus provide relief. All that you have to do is take the oil and apply them on the skin to get soothing and anti-inflammatory affects.

Essential Oils

However, not all forms of essential oils are appropriate for direct application, especially tea tree oil. However, there are some that can be applied directly like basil oil, bay leaf oil, calendula, etc. Vitamin E oil or even baby oil helps in this reference.

Cold Compress

Cold water and ice compress are other great alternatives for healing the body and also provide some relaxation. Cold compress can be done using ice water or even very cold water to soothe the nerve fibers. Ice should not be rubbed directly on the skin directly a compress or application works much better.

ice for itching

What you can do is also run cold water on the tap and stay under it for some time. You can also fill up the bath with cold water and enjoy soaking in the same. Compress can be done using a damp towel or even cotton, if you are doing it on a smaller area. Plastic trays or packets are also usable in this reference.


Lime juice or even the slices of lemon are a great way to prevent itching. It contains various kinds of citric acid along with acetic acid that contains antiseptic properties along with anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties. They provide respite from itching while deep cleansing the skin.

lime for itching

Lemon juice can also be mixed in your bath or used in the ice compress. The juice of the orange can also be applied here if lemon or lime is not available, but use fresh juice, without sugar or else the symptoms and itching will get worse.

Juniper Berries

You can make a fine paste of these berries by mixing them with some amount of unsalted butter in a saucepan. In a different pan, then melt beeswax, which should be around 2 spoons. Once this wax melts, then you can combine it with the butter mixture and stir it well.

Juniper Berries

Then add about 5 tablespoons of grind juniper berries along with some ground cloves and mix it well. Let the mixture cool and then apply it on the itching skin. Remember that you should preserve the whole berries naturally rather than using any form of processed ones.

Sandalwood Paste And Rosewater

The paste of natural sandalwood along with a bit of rosewater helps in soothing the skin along with providing respite from symptoms like rashes. You can take the stick of the sandalwood and then rub it on a stone surface to get fresh sandalwood paste. Then mix a bit of rose water to the same.


Keep the consistency thick but flowing. Apply the paste on the areas that itch and let it dry. Once the same is dry, you can wipe it off using a damp cloth or even cotton. Another alternative here would be to get the powder of sandalwood, which is easily available in stores or even a natural sandalwood based soap. Mix the powder with rose water and apply the same way.

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