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7 Home Remedies For Liver Detox

[toc]Liver is the busiest organ in the body. It is constantly working to remove the toxins from the blood stream and pure blood is sent to all the parts of the body. These harmful toxins are removed from the body in the form of sweat, urine and feces. Some of the health issues such as weight gain, bloating, constipation, fatigue, headache, skin problems are an alarm sign for liver detoxification.

Our liver is an excellent filter in our body but sometimes we tax it too much by consuming alcohol, sugary foods, unhealthy chemicals that we take in from the air and water  i.e. , from the cigarette we smoke or the water we drink and also due to some emotional or environmental stress.

7 Remedies For Liver Detox

It even fights infections, governs the hormones, and channels energy to the whole body. The result is the liver works overtime to detoxify the body. In this process it loses its own efficiency and gets clogged with poison. So it becomes necessary to cleanse the liver regularly. Now a day’s many detox treatments are available which includes fasting, purging etc.  After detox treatments, symptoms improve for some days then again if we return to our normal routine toxins develop in your body. It is better instead to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that the liver is cleansed on a regular basis. Certain home remedies when used prove beneficial for liver detoxification.

7 Best Home Remedies For Liver Detox

Salt Water Therapy

Unrefined salt is the best detoxifier as it is just like the sodium that occurs in our body. Our body requires sodium for neutralizing the acids. Apart from detoxification it is also beneficial in removing the cravings for alcohol or any other addiction. Prepare a sole i.e., take one cup of unrefined salt and add distilled water to it. Keep it overnight. Next day if all the salt is dissolved again add some unrefined salt, if some salt is leftover in the jar without dissolving means your sole is ready.

Salt Water Therapy

Take one teaspoon of sole solution and mix it to a glass of water taste it to see that it tastes like salt water, if it is too salty you can add water as per your taste, have it first thing in the morning in an empty stomach. Using this regularly will remove the addictive cravings and has also got other health benefits such as it flushes out heavy metal toxins from the body, balances acid alkaline imbalance, cleans the intestine, heals skin diseases and stimulates metabolism and digestion.

Moringa Oliefera (Leaves) Tea

Moringa tea is the most effective way of flushing out the liver and infact the whole body from toxins. The important fact is that it counteracts the alcohol damage to the liver. It inhibits harmful metals from entering and damaging the cells.

Moringa Oliefera

The amino acids reproduce healthy cells to take the place of damaged cells. The antioxidant properties cleanse the whole body of damaging free radicals thus boosting the immune system and making heal faster.

Staying Hydrated With Filtered Water

Our lungs, liver and kidneys are natural detoxifiers of the body. They require water for their proper functioning. Due to overtaxing with toxins such coffee, tea, sugary drinks and other toxins that enter via food, our body has to use more water to flush of these toxins resulting in dehydration.

filtered water

Drinking filtered water flushes out the toxins and transports nutrients to where it is needed. It keeps you hydrated, reduces headaches and constipation, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, urinary tract infections. It also helps in maintaining healthy body weight. Drinking six to eight glasses of filtered water daily proves effective in naturally detoxifying the liver and the whole body from harmful toxins.

Balanced Diet

Proteins help the body repair tissue. They prevent fat buildup and damage to the liver cells.  Intake of more of carbohydrates and fat prevents protein breakdown in the liver. Your intake should also be rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, antioxidants necessary to boost the immune system by fighting against free radicals and making heal faster. Intake of Vitamin B also helps in preventing liver damage.

Balanced Diet

Limit your intake of salt as this may worsen fluid buildup and swelling in the liver. Here more of protein intake is not recommended for people with damaged liver as the proteins are not properly processed resulting in buildup of waste product thus affecting the brain. Some of the fruits and vegetables that can be included in the diet are bananas, carrots, kale, spinach, cantaloupes, mustard greens, kiwi, broccoli,  oranges, tomatoes legumes, nuts, strawberries, nuts, bananas, whole grains, leafy greens, cheese, eggs, beets, citrus fruits, peppers, mango, parsley, sunflower seeds, avocados etc

Lemon, Peppermint And Lavender Oil / Castor Oil

Messaging with these oils proves beneficial in detoxifying the body and relieves stress. Message should be done in the clockwise direction on right side of the abdomen to stimulate the liver. It gets quickly absorbed into the blood stream and thus helps in stimulating blood circulation and rejuvenates the liver.

Castor Oil2

Lemon, lavender and peppermint oil can be used in bath or as a compress or can be used as a message therapy. Regular use results in improvement in organ function and reducing fatigue and depression.


Regular Exercising not only helps in removing the toxins from the body but also helps to relieve stress and tension. Exercising increases sweat which helps in releasing some of the harmful toxins from the body.


Cortisol is released in response to fear or stress by the adrenal glands. If there is no physical release cortisol levels builds up in the blood and psychologically affects the mind and body. Exercise helps in burning up cortisol, thus reducing fear and increasing self confidence.

Lifestyle Changes

Say no to alcohol, smoking and limit coffee intake. Overtime exposure to poisons and chemicals can cause chronic liver disease, see to it that you are away from such an environment.

Lifestyle Changes

Limit your intake of fat and animal proteins and also avoid fried food and fast food items.Restore your liver with fresh air, water, exercise and rest. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables.