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7 Quick Home Remedies For Burnt Skin

Home Remedies For Burnt Skin

[toc]Burns are very common injuries, but hurt and cause unbearable pain. Burns are of different types, ranging from minor burns to the more severe third degree burns. The type of burn determines the extent of damage to your skin.

It is important to first determine the degree of the burn and then decide on the appropriate remedy. In the case of extreme burns you must directly approach a hospital to prevent infection and bring out scarring effects. However, normal burns can be treated at home itself with these remedies.

Best Home Remedies For Burnt Skin

Apply Vinegar On The Affected Part

Vinegar For Burnt Skin

The burnt skin may cause infection. Applying vinegar on the burnt skin not only helps in recovering but also keeps the burnt part from infections with its astringent and antiseptic nature during the process.

Make a solution using vinegar and water in equal amounts and pour this solution slowly onto your burnt skin. It will relieve the pain. It prevents forming blisters later on if done twice or thrice a day.

Aloe Vera

Aloevera For Burnt Skin

Aloe vera has a broad spectrum of treatment of various problems and one of it is burns. Applying aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice on the burnt skin eases pain and heals the skin with its tissue refurbishing properties. Rinse the skin properly before applying aloe vera gel on the burnt part.


Potato For Burnt Skin

A potato is said to have no nutrition but unlike that it provides lots of aid to the burnt skin when used for this purpose. It soothes the burnt skin and reduces the irritation going inside. Take a potato slice and apply by moving it slowly without friction on the burnt part. The juice that comes out of potato is the main rescuer. It reduces pain and ensures no blisters.

Use Plantain Leaves

Plantain Leaves For Burnt Skin

They are fully loaded with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties and are widely used for treating burnt skin. Crush some fresh plantain leaves and make a paste. Apply this paste on the burnt skin. Or you may gently scrub the upper part of leaf and wrap it around on the burnt part. It is very effective in treating burnt skin.

Apply Tea Bags

Tea Bags For Burnt Skin

Black color is the best absorber of heat. This physics has its applications in the remedies of burnt skin also. Apart from this, black tea has tannic acid which helps in reducing pain and absorbing heat from the affected part.

Keep your regular tea bags in cold water for some time and take the tea out. Then, gently dab the burnt skin with it. You may otherwise use it by wrapping two tea bags, well soaked in cold water, around the burnt part.

Use Onion Juice

Onion Juice For Burnt Skin

It contains chemical compounds like quercetin which help in reducing the intensity of pain. Take a fresh onion and juice it over the burnt part. The sulphur compounds in onion juice ease pain and prevent blistering. Practice the same for 2-3 times in a day to see fast and effective results.

Cover The Burnt Area With The Egg White

Egg White For Burnt Skin

Cut egg white equal to the size of the burnt area. Now cover the area with it. It will give you a quick relief from pain. As the egg white dries, take another piece and do the same. It will also prevent the area from scar marks.

Applying honey and dried oatmeal paste is also practiced to treat burnt skin. Simple home remedies for burns which are not severe help in easy healing and also does not have side effects. However, for burns which are more severe, you are strongly recommended to approach a doctor immediately.

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