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8 Best Home Remedies For Bloating

Home Remedies For Bloating

[toc]Bloating trouble is a common appearance of today’s world. Every now and then you may experience someone in family, friends or colleagues affected with stomach bloating. This gassy and swollen feeling can even be a signal of a problem like food allergy or lactose intolerance.

But, in case, it is just a belly bloat with no underlying health concern then it can be easily treated and cured. Everyone will love to zap back into the old jeans to attain that squeezed look that has been overshadowed with bloating tummy. Make use of natural foods to overcome the bloating blues.

8 Useful And Effective Home Remedies To Cure Bloating

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds For Bloating

For fast relief, fennel seeds come as the handiest option. Fennel serves as a bloat blaster when consumed either in sprinkled form over the foods, salads and cereals or can be added to tea preparation. Fennel is enriched with compounds that relaxes the muscles of digestive tract and allows the gas trapped in the passage to pass through.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter For Bloating

Peanut butter may not be beneficial for weight, when eaten in large amounts, but if consumed in moderation it helps to keep stomach under proper check and promote weight loss.

Peanut butter is loaded with niacin that is vital for a fit and vigorous digestive system. Eating 2 teaspoons of sugar free peanut butter on daily basis cure the bloating, within a few days and prevent its reoccurrence.

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Yogurt For Bloating

Yogurt is a yummier way to ease the discomforting swollen feeling and incorporate more nutrients and fruits to the diet. Consume yogurt with live cultures to improve the functioning of gastrointestinal tract that absorb and digest food effectively. The helpful bacteria from yogurt ease the bloating and make one feel lighter.


Cucumber For Bloating

Cucumber works more as a diuretic that flushes out the excessive fluids and toxins out of the body. It aids in de bloating process, while supplying more fibre and nutrients to the body. The other diuretic greens that can be used and are equally beneficial are asparagus and watercress.


Pineapple For Bloating

Pineapples comprises of bromelain enzyme that supports digestion. Having a few slices of pineapple post a heavy meal, aids in better digestion of food and prevent belly bloating. Relish the taste and simultaneously overcoming bloating worries.


Grapes For Bloating

Snacking over salty and heavily processed foods is the main culprit behind bloating. Choose juicy grapes for snacking as these help to curb the sweet tooth and overcomes water retention due to excessive consumption of salty snacks. Freeze a bunch of grapes and take them along on the trip to beach or hill station, to keep the tummy satisfied and flat all day long.


Avocado For Bloating

Avocados are rich in potassium content that aids to curb the water retention caused by high sodium consumption. This creamy fruit of avocado does wonder by helping in getting slim down. Eating one fourth or half an avocado on daily basis will cure bloating much faster, by releasing out water stored at the belly region.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water For Bloating

Clear fluids of coconut water are much more nutritional, refreshing and soothing than sugar laden soda drinks. Moreover, it contains potassium that helps in relieving the unappealing bloat. While consuming high sodium foods, include coconut water as the chosen drink to overcome the water retention and keep the belly free from bloating.

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