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8 Effective Home Remedies For Cavities

[toc]Cavities are one of the most common reasons for jaw pain and tooth pain. Cavities are holes between the two layers of the tooth and is a very common problem both in adults as well as children. Cavities can either be deep in nature or smaller and less serious.


While you need to get a root canal treatment from your dentist in case of deep cavities, you can use some home remedies to treat smaller cavities. Here are a few such home remedies which can effectively control cavity pain:

8 Cavities Home Remedies

Apply Clove Oil

Swap your teeth with camphor or clove oil using cotton for it will relieve your cavity pain. The clove oil exhibit several antiseptic properties and works magic in treating cavity problems.

You can even use the clove itself, if oil is inaccessible. Keep pressing the clove on the infected tooth for some time and don’t chew it. Clove oil has a better effect on cavities when you mix a bit of pepper powder and put this on the cavity.

clove oil

Apply Ice Pack

Ice works great in relieving pain. You can apply ice therapy by covering some ice cubes in a pouch of cloth or a napkin and keeping it near the infected tooth. Make sure that you give the ice pack atleast 3-4 coverings to ensure no direct contact with teeth and gums.


Consume Onion And Garlic

Both garlic and onions are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in nature. Consuming them regularly keeps a command against cavities. For instant effects you may take a slice of onion and keep it near the painful tooth. Make a paste with garlic and rock salt and apply it on your teeth as garlic releases a chemical allicin which provides strength to the teeth and prevents cavities.


Use Warm Water For Cleaning Teeth

Bacteria in mouth are temperature sensitive hence, using warm water during brushing or even drinking warm water prevents bacteria from growing. The entire mouth must be cleaned thoroughly, including the affected areas. Holding warm salt water in your mouth over the infected tooth will also help in reducing the pain experienced by cavities.


Use lemon with asafoetida

Cavity pain can be eased by chewing a lemon slice. The other alternative is mixing asafoetida powder in lemon juice. Make a paste of this. Now, soak cotton in slightly heated mixture and mop your teeth with it especially the cavity part. This will bring instant relief to your painful cavities.


Gargle With Salt Water

The benefits of gargling are not appreciated by most people. When you gargle frequently, you maintain a good oral hygiene. Gargling also helps in knocking off the foul breathe and kills bacteria in mouth and throat. People suffering from cavities should regularly gargle with salt water, atleast 3 times a day.


Wheat Grass Juice

Wheat grass has many medicinal properties. Drinking its juice is good for oral health and it also helps in reducing pain. Cavities are a breeding ground for bacteria, and you must restrict the growth of bacteria to solve your cavity problems. Consuming wheat grass juice helps in reducing the growth of bacteria.

Wheat Grass Juice

Use A Fluoride Based Toothpaste

Fluoride provides strength to the enamel which keeps it from getting corroded and ultimately saves you from further problems. You must use a fluoride based toothpaste or mouthwash to protect your teeth from cavities. There are some toothpastes which have both fluoride as well as clove oil. This is the ideal toothpaste which you must use to deal with cavities.

Cavities can be caused by a variety of reasons including poor oral hygiene, unhealthy diet and poor eating habits. Therefore in addition to following the above home remedies, you must also remember to eat the right food and maintain proper oral hygiene to deal with cavities.