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8 Effective Yoga Poses To Build Body Strength

8 Effective Yoga Poses To Build Body StrengthYoga is a simple boon for human body. This amazing workout option has numerous benefits when it comes to health and fitness. Yoga poses are made for different body parts and for various reasons, disease and impairments which can be easily treated if you include yoga in you workout regime. One of the core benefits of yoga is strength and flexibility! Strength is extremely important for the human boys and you need to include the yoga positions to strengthen your body. This would help you body to get more strong and effective. If you are looking for some awesome yoga poses which can make your body strength, here are the one which you need to start now. These yoga poses are awesome and would make your body rock solid strong fir sure!

These Yoga Poses Are Awesome And Would Make Your Body Rock Solid Strong Fir Sure!

1. Boat Pose

This is one of the most amazing poses which can get you marvelous results. This pose generally focuses on the legs and core strength. Generally, all your body parts get involved in this workout and would get you amazing stretch. From the butt muscles to the legs, from core muscles to the arms, this yoga pose is beneficial as an entire body strengthening workout. Get into the seated position. Relax on your butt muscles while raising your legs in the ceiling direction. Keep the toes pointed and make a 45 degree angle from the floor. You will end up in a v shaped position with your head and legs raises upwards! Try this and make your body super strong!
Boat Pose

2. Chair Pose

This is one of the most amazing and impactful poses which can make you legs and hips strong as never before. From the core to the entire lower body, this yoga pose would get you multiple benefits. Go for this amazing yoga pose and strengthen your body magically. Get into the straight standing position and join your hands. Pretend if you have a chair and are to sit on the chair. Hold on this position and rest for few seconds. Try this position and make your body string from the hips, thighs, abs and core!
Chair Pose

3. Triangle Pose

Trikonasana is one of the amazing workouts which can strengthen your body and get you flexibility as never before. Get into the straight position and keep your legs apart creating a triangular position. Now bend down on the left side and make your hands touch the left foot and raise the other had in the ceiling direction. Repeat this process for another hand. This pose would strengthen your hips, thighs, calves, glut muscles, arms and core.

Triangle Pose

4. Forearm Plank

If you want your arms and hands to get all the strength while also benefiting your core and lower body, go for this iconic workout and you would get numerous benefits from it. Your entire core muscles would get simply tightened and the spine, abs, shoulders, chest, lower back and various muscles would get beautifully toned. Go for a stronger body with this cool yoga pose!
Forearm Plank

5. Bridge pose

Bridge pose is one of the high impact poses which can make you ultra fit and strong. This pose would strengthen your arms core, abs, shoulders, chest, hips and almost each and every muscle of your body. Go for the regular bridge position and inhale while you rise up. This would get you awesome benefits and a stronger body day by day!

6. Pushup Pose

This pose is one the high impact poses which can make your body strong and fit. If you are looking for a pose which can not only focus on your lower body but can also strengthen your core and upper body, this is a complete body workout option which would work miracles. This simple pushup pose would make your arms, shoulders, back and lower body strong as never before. Try this and get magical results on your body!
Pushup Pose

7. Locust Pose

If you are looking forward to strengthen your core and lower body, this is the suitable pose for your workout routine. The locust pose would make your abs and core strong as never before. This is one of the iconic yoga poses with numerous benefits. From the spine to the legs, form the lower back to the arms, this pose would strengthen many of your body parts!
Locust Pose

8. Virabhadrasana (warrior pose)

Warrior pose is a cool yoga pose which can have amazing benefits on your body. This pose makes your legs and arms stronger and tighter. While you stretch your legs wide apart while raising your hands upwards, this would make your arms and legs super strong!

 Virabhadrasana (warrior pose)