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8 Side Effects Of Breast Implants

[toc] It is a known fact that one of the most dominating factors in deciding whether a woman is attractive or not is her breast which when of the right size, helps a woman to feel confident and attract the other sex easily. Some women feel that their breasts are either too big or too small and they are not happy with it.

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Many women around the globe opt for breasts implants to increase the size of their breasts if they feel that it is too small. They do not consider these 8 side effects that the breast implant may have on their breasts.

Best Side Effects Of Breast Implants

Interferes With Breast-Feeding

One of the major side effects of a breast implant is that it can interfere and cause problems in breast feeding your child later on in life. Breastfeeding is the main function of a woman’s breasts. The incision which is done near your nipples during a breast implant and is known as a periareolar incision can create disturbances in the milk ducts.

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Losing Sensation

Many women have complained that after getting a breast implant done, they lost the sensation in their breast and nipple area which has also seen to be permanent in many cases. The reason behind this loss of sensation is the damage which is caused to the endings of the nerve in this region during an implant.

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Creates Difficulty In Reading Mammogram

Getting a mammogram done is the best way to detect the presence of cancer in your breasts. After you get a breast implant done, it becomes a little difficult to get accurate readings in a mammogram and you will need to inform the technicians who carry out the test about the implants before-hand. You may also need to visit a special centre where mammograms are conducted for women with breast implants.



One of the common side effects of a breast implant is that it can leave your breasts uneven in size or shape and make it look uneven. Many a times it can also give your breasts a very uneven appearance as the level of both the breasts may not remain exactly the same. This can make your entire figure look unappealing and also prove to be embarrassing.

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Pain In The Breasts

Many women have complained that they experienced pain in the entire or a part of their breast area after the implant was done. Some also experienced a lot of pain in their nipples which remained permanently.


Capsular Contracture

This is another common side effect where the surrounding tissue capsule near the implant becomes very tight, making the breasts extremely firm and hard. It can occur at any point of time after the implant is done and a surgery might be required to correct this problem.



Rashes are a common side effect of breast implants and may develop on the breast itself or on the surrounding areas of the breast. Such rashes will take time to be fully treated and in some cases may cause irritation for a really long time.



Sometimes it is seen that the skin breaks down and this makes the implant to be visible through the skin. It can be a problem for the woman and she may need to get it corrected at the earliest.

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