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8 Ways To Get Rid Of Baby Acne

[toc]As the name says, baby acne is a problem that occurs as a skin crisis in babies of age several weeks to a couple of months. The condition is very natural in occurrence and usually clear by itself according to most of the professionals. As far as the treatment of baby acne is concerned, there should be no use of medications or ointments on the skin of the baby as it is very sensitive. It is only in the case of extreme situations, when a doctor would suggest further treatment of baby acne.

Ways To Get Rid Of Baby Acne

Are you someone who is facing the issue of baby acne in your precious bundle of joy more than often? Do you need to know some simple, safe and convenient measures that can help in getting rid of baby acne without causing any harm to the baby or their skin? If yes, then this guide is a perfect choice for you. it has some of the well researched methods and tips in which you can effectively get rid of baby acne and get a clear skin again. Make sure you follow them on a routine basis to get flawless results in no time.

Various Ways To Get Rid Of Baby Acne

Cleanse With A Mild Baby Soap

It is a known fact that the baby’s skin is very sensitive. However, cleansing of the skin is something that cannot be avoided. This becomes all the more important when you want to treat the baby acne on their skin. Make sure you clean their face and skin with a good quality and mild baby soap and water. This should be done once in a day to get best results for treatment of the baby acne. Follow it everyday till the problem completely subsides. A moisturizing soap that is especially designed for babies is a perfect option.

Baby Soap

Do Not Scrub

As for the adults, usually scrubbing is one of the ways in which they treat their acne. This however does not apply to babies at all. Avoid scrubbing completely if you want proper treatment of the baby acne and one that does not leave behind any marks or scars. Patting and wiping are the ways in which you can wash the skin. A soft sponge can be used for best outcomes. Scrubbing might irritate the oil glands and further worsen the situation.

Do not Scrub

Avoid Usage Of Oily Lotions

Oily lotions can never help you treat baby acne from your baby’s skin. the best you can do for the cure is to use oil free lotions that nourishes the skin without blocking the pores and causing acne. Also ensure that no lotion should be directly applied to the acne. This can worsen the condition. In many cases, the acne might look dry in appearance, but it is important for you to know that the reason is the excess secretion of oil from the glands that cause the bumps. Make sure you have non-oily creams and other products in hand for the baby’s best interests.

Oily Lotion

Change Their Diet

In situations where your baby is facing acne issues, it might be a possible scenario that it is because of their diet. In such situations, try and keep away fried or oily foods from their meals to ensure that the acne gets treated fast. Include healthy foods in the form of liquids like vegetable soups or fruit juices to give them the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to fight off skin problems like eczema and acne. You can always suggest their doctor about the right foods that should be given for faster treatment of the acne and incur it in the daily meals.

On the other hand, giving the baby healthy liquids and water is also suggested to hydrate the skin and flush out the oil and dirt from the skin to leave it fresh, rejuvenated and clear of acne. For those women who are still in the breastfeeding stage, should consider a change in their diet. This is because the only food the baby consumes in breast milk. It might be affecting the skin health causing acne. Change in the diet should be much healthier and free from oily products when it comes to the mother.


Keep the Face Dry

There are a lot of babies who has a habit of spitting and drooling from time to time. According to researchers, prolonged moisture on the face leads to accumulation of bacteria in the pores that mix with the dirt and oil to cause acne. In situations of babies who are already suffering from the problem, it is a good idea if their mouth is dried with a clean and soft towel whenever they drool. This will not only treat the existing acne on the face but also prevent it from reoccurring. It is a simple tip that helps in achieving the goal of getting rid of baby acne.

Dry Face

Apply Baby Powder

Take some good quality baby powder on a clean cotton ball and apply it daily on the affected areas of the skin of the baby. This is going to help in the treatment of the acne from the skin in a safe manner. Make sure that you keep it away from the eyes, nose and mouth. Apply it with ease and perfection on the acne directly. It is known to be quite an efficient remedy.

Baby Powder

Get A Check Up Done

Just in case the problem persists, make sure you take the baby to a doctor to get a proper check up done. This could be a deeper issue than you actually think. However, it is advisable that you wait for a couple of days for it to subside before making this decision. They might suggest medications for the baby that will get rid of the baby acne.

Check Up

Patience Is The Key

In a lot of situations, one of the best treatments for acne on the baby’s skin is to be patient and let it treat on its own. In varied situations, there is no specific home remedy that can cure the bumps. Give it some time and you will see it getting cured by its own. The key of patience is directed in the right direction of treatment in such a condition.