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9 Home Remedies For Chest Congestion


Home Remedies For Chest Congestion

Chest congestion is a condition involving inflammation of lower respiratory tract. The mucous blocks up the air passageway to lungs. It is a general symptom of cough and cold. It is quite common around weather changes and rainy season.The best way out of congestion is to cough out all the mucous that jams up the respiratory tract but that very action also sores and inflames  the tract as well as the throat.

There are many on the counter commercial remedies, however they provide limited and temporary relief. This is why it is a better idea to look into your kitchen shelf for some home remedies before you pop the pill!

9 Home Remedies For Chest Congestion

Steam Therapy

Steam therapy is a simple and very effective home remedy for chest congestion that has been in use since ancient times. You can either use a common water pan or a humidifier.Heat some water until it begins to emit steam. Now cover yourself with the pan under a towel so that the steam does not escape. Inhale the humid steam for about 10-15 minutes. This procedure will ease up the mucous and make it easy for you to cough it out. Steam also clears up the respiratory tract so that you can breathe easy.

Steam Therapy

Lukewarm Bath

Most of us believe that taking bath or getting anywhere near water can worsen the cough and congestion. However, if done right then bathing can be the best thing you did for easing your chest congestion. Fill a bath tub with warm water and immerse yourself in it for about 15 minutes.Also, run some hot water in a sink or place steaming water in the bathroom so that the climate inside becomes warm and humid. Both these procedures will have the effect of increasing the fluidity of mucous thereby making it easy for you to cough it out.

Lukewarm Bath

Menthol Oil

This compound is the reason why mint has a wonderfully fresh aroma. Menthol also happens to be a base ingredient of many commercial cooling ointments and cough relieving gels. However, you do not have to buy those costly and processed medicines if you have menthol oil in the house. You can use it to relieve the breathing difficulties in many ways. If you are using steam therapy, then add a few drops in the water.The steam will carry menthol vapors directly to your respiratory tract, thereby providing instant relief. You may also apply a drop each on your temple, throat and chest. This will provide relief from headache, congestion and help you breathe easy. While sleeping you can also place a handkerchief or tissue paper on which 3-4 drops of menthol oil have been added.

Menthol Oil

Turmeric- The Yellow Herb

Turmeric has numerous health benefits. The first one being that it is anti-inflammatory in nature and can help heal the sores in the throat that are direct fallout of cough caused by congestion. It will also reduce the inflammation of the respiratory tract. You can pick the method of introducing turmeric to your body from a few options.You can add half a teaspoon to the steam for inhalation. Adding it to a glass of milk and consuming it warm is also a great idea for relieving the pain and clearing the air passage. It is particularly more potent when consumed before you sleep.


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Eucalyptus Oil

The vapors of this oil act by widening the respiratory tract and make it easy to breathe. Also, application of eucalyptus oil can relieve you from the throat pain caused by persistent cough. In nature it is very similar to menthol oil. Add a few drops to the steaming water and inhale the steam. It will provide instant relief from congestion.You may also place a cotton swab or handkerchief with a few drops of this oil in it. This method will help you sleep well as the air laden with the goodness of this oil will keep your breathing light and respiratory tract clear.

Fix It With Basil

Basil is known to be an anti-inflammatory and nerve calming ingredient. Many studies have shown positive effects of basil on breathing and cough related maladies. Take a bunch of basil leaves and crush them while adding a teaspoon of water to them. Strain this concentrate of basil and consume with a teaspoon of honey. Both honey and basil are wonderful home remedies for clearing up the respiratory tract.

Honey is anti-microbial in nature and therefore extremely potent against the cough and congestion.They will not only ease the mucous but also soothe your throat. Alternatively, you can prepare a tea by adding 9-10 basil leaves in the boiling water. Consume this concoction while it is warm.



The wonderfully aromatic thyme is an effective remedy against congestion and cold. It contain thymol which is an oil that is anti-bacterial and the base compound which lends the aroma to thyme. Take some fresh leaves of thyme and infuse them in a pot of boiling water.Consume this tea while it is still hot and emitting little steam. Inhale the steam and consume the tea at the same time. You will find your breathing becoming lighter and easier. This remedy will calm your hurting throat and aid the expectoration of mucous as well.

Zing It With Ginger

Ginger mixed with a few other ingredients can effectively help in relieving cough and congestion. Take a small piece of crushed ginger, add a teaspoon of honey to it. Consume this mixture with 3-4 crushed black pepper corn.Initially you will find a pinching and burning sensation in your throat and mouth as this mix is quite pungent and strong. However, within a minute you will find your throat simmering down and gust of cool air wash down your throat just like the effect of lozenges. Take it 3-4 times in a day especially when you find the congestion increasing.



Gargling is another instant and effective remedy for congestion. Apple cider vinegar makes for a great gargling solution. Take one part of this vinegar and add two parts of cool water. Gargle for about 5 minutes and you will find the congestion easing up.Alternatively, take a glass of warm water and add a spoon of salt in it. Try to bring it deep into your throat while gargling. These two solutions will help the cough extensively.


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