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9 Home Remedies For Headache

Home Remedies For Headache

[toc]Headache is considered as a simple and minor problem. However, it can affect our daily life severely. Minor headaches generally fade away themselves but in extreme cases headache can linger for many days. It is always better to opt for natural and tested treatments to cure the problem of headache. There are many medicines available in the market which can give instant pain relief, but may have harmful side effects as well.

Thus, natural home remedies are the best options. We can use the natural ingredients from our vicinity for the same. Below, I will try to make you aware about a few tested and safe home remedies for treating headache. These home remedies are 100% effective and worth giving a try. You can opt for them at home on your own for getting desired result.

9 Best Home Remedies For Headache

Mint Juice Or Coriander Juice

Mint Juice Reduce Headache

Mint is rich in menthol which has got the natural property of pain reliever. It is also an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Mint leaves are very readily available in the local vegetable market in India. It is also known as pudina.

Take a handful of fresh mint leaves and grind them into smooth paste. Now, squeeze out the juice from the paste and apply it on the forehead for instant relief within a couple of minutes. You may also use coriander leaves for the same. Both the herbal plants have the same medicinal property for curing headache.


Ginger Reduce Headache

Ginger is a regular product used in our kitchens. It can be used in treating headache as well. Raw ginger serves our purpose. Take 2 to 3 inches of ginger root and thrash it well. Now boil about one glass of water and put the thrashed ginger into it. Inhale the vapor through nose to get relief from headache within 5 minutes.

You can also chew a small piece of the peeled ginger root directly to experience the medicinal property of ginger. Another way of using ginger is by applying the freshly squeezed out ginger juice on the forehead. Ginger has got anti-inflammatory property which reduces the swelling of the blood vessels around the head leading to eradication of headache.

Holy Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves Reduce Headache

In India basil leaves are also known as Tulsi leaves. This plant is a generally found in every household and is praised as God. Basil leaves can come to your rescue when you are facing a severe headache. The quickest way is to pluck 3 to 4 leaves and wash it nicely under running water.

Now chew these leaves directly for fast relief. Another way is to make a herbal tea using the same. Take a cup of boiling water and put 5 basil leaves into it. Steep it for some time and then strain out the tea. Sip down the tea for instant relief. Basil leaves are rich in the property of relaxant.

Cold Compress

Cold Compress Reduce Headache

This is a very easy and effective home remedy for headache. All you need to do is take some ice cubes and place it in a packet. Use this ice pack as a cold compress. Keep this ice pack at the back of the neck for some time.

You will feel the improvement within a few minutes in case of severe headache. You can also compress with a cold towel on the forehead area. Repeat this procedure for some time until you get some relaxation. Cold compress is one of the best methods to treat headache at home.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Reduce Headache

Lavender oil has got many medicinal properties in it. It can also be used for curing headache. Boil a glass of water and pour 4 to 5 drops of lavender oil into it. Inhale this vapor as long as possible.

You will observe the improvement in your condition very rapidly. After continuing this process for about 20 minutes, apply few drops of pure lavender oil on the forehead. This method is a tested one and is definitely effective. You can repeat this method thrice a day for relief from chronic headache within a few days.


Cloves Reduce Headache

Cloves are one of the renowned spices used in our kitchens. Now, you can use these cloves in the treatment of headache. Take 4 cloves and thrash them nicely. Take a clean handkerchief and place the thrashed cloves into it to form a small soft ball. Inhale the aura of the cloves from the prepared ball.

You will get some relief at the very moment. If you are home when you are encountering headache, you can make a paste of the cloves and apply it on the forehead for fast relief. Keep it on for about half an hour to get the expected outcome.


Cinnamon Reduce Headache

The use of cinnamon for treating headache is a very unusual technique. You need to take a cinnamon stick of 5 inches and grind it into a smooth powder. Now, put the cinnamon powder in half cup of milk. Boil this milk for about 2 to 3 minutes and steep for some time. Add one teaspoon of honey into the half cup of warm milk and stir well.

Drink this preparation thrice a day in case of severe and long lasting headache. You will definitely get relief. Another way of using this is by preparing a smooth paste of cinnamon and applying it on the forehead. Keep it intact for 20 minutes and then wash off. You may repeat this procedure as and when required all through the day.


Apples Reduce Headache

Apples have got the power to balance our body acidic and alkaline levels. These imbalances cause headache. Apple can be used as a natural medicine in this case. Take a medium sized apple and cut it into small cubes.

Now, sprinkle some amount of salt on the pieces and have them as soon as possible. Apples along with salt will work wonders for the problem of headache. This is a tested home remedy. This remedy is the only one which tastes good and delicious. Give it a try.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Headache

Apple cider vinegar is useful in many home remedies for different kinds of ailments. It also helps in getting rid of headache in a very fast mode.

You need to take glass of drinking water and add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into it. Stir well and drink down the solution slowly. You will be able to feel the relief within 10 minutes. This home remedy is an instant relief technique for severe headache which is worth giving a try for every one.

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