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9 Magical Herbal Remedies For Leg Cramps

[toc]Leg cramps are the cramps experienced by a person in the leg due to involuntary contraction of muscles. The involuntary contractions of the muscle or spasms cause a visible hardness of the muscles in the affected area and does not relax immediately.

Leg Cramps

The muscle cramps are also known as Charley horse.The cramping of the muscles can occur in any body part and is often a very painful condition, until the muscles relaxes. The leg cramps are more common in elderly people and pregnant women, however it can affect people of all age groups equally.

The main causes of leg cramps is dehydration of the muscles, poor nutrition, poor blood flow, certain medicines and over exercising. The leg cramps usually subside within a couple of minutes. Massaging and stretching of the affected leg muscles provides relief and sooth’s the cramps. Below mentioned are some herbs which are also very useful in preventing leg cramps in the long run.

9 Important Herbs For Leg Cramps


Chamomile is a very famous herbal remedy used since centuries to treat sore muscles and sooth leg cramps. Chamomile helps in relaxing the spasms in the muscles caused due to cramping. The main component of Chamomile called as Azulene, is responsible for reducing the inflammation in the muscles of the body which cause cramps.

The anti-spasmodic property of Chamomile helps in relaxing and soothing the muscles and its associated pain. It also helps in providing relief against tension and anxiety, which are the main reasons for cramping of the muscles. Chamomile herbal tea is especially beneficial in soothing leg cramps.



Rosemary is a very effective herbal remedy used for treating leg and muscle cramps. Rosemary helps in improving the circulation of blood in the arteries and improves the functioning of nervous system. The important ingredient of Rosemary is rosmarinic acid, which is very rich in oxidants, making it a much sought after herb for relaxing and soothing the muscles of the leg.

Rosemary helps in retaining the water in the muscles of the body, thus preventing them from cramping. Rosemary oil can be massages into the legs and affected area to alleviate cramping and provide immediate relief.



Peppermint is yet another very good herbal remedy which provides relief against muscle and leg cramps. The aroma of peppermint is very soothing and calming. Peppermint is rich in flavinoids and rosmarinic acid, which helps in improving the circulation of blood to all parts of the body.

This helps in relaxing the cramps of the muscle and legs. Peppermint is renowned for its antispasmodic property, which relieves muscle spasms and prevents cramping. Peppermint oil can be massaged on the legs to relieve cramping and soreness in the legs.


Cramp Bark

Cramp bark as the name suggests is very beneficial for providing relief against cramps of the legs and muscles. The bark  is rich in medicinal properties and is used to relive spasms and soreness. The main constituent of cramp bark is aesculetin and scopoletin, which helps in soothing the cramps and helps in relaxing the muscles of the legs.

Another very important ingredient of the cramp bark is salicin, which helps in providing instant relief against painful leg cramping and acts as natural aspirin. Cramp bark  herbal tea is very beneficial for leg cramps.

Cramp Bark


Eucalyptus is another very beneficial and effective herbal remedy for leg cramps and sore muscles. Eucalyptus is rich in chemical components known as Eucalyptol, which helps in soothing the pain caused due to cramping of the muscles. The anti-spasmodic properties of Eucalyptus helps in relieving the painful spasms and cramps caused in the legs. The oil of eucalyptus provides immediate relief against leg cramps and pain.

Eucalyptus Oil

Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut has been used since ancient times to help with leg cramping and muscle stiffness. Horse Chestnut helps in improving the overall circulation of blood in the body, thereby eliminating the cramping of muscles caused due to insufficient supply of blood in the legs.

It also helps in reducing the inflammation of the muscles and in reducing painful muscle condition caused due to muscle spasms. Horse Chestnut keeps the muscles hydrated by retaining water, thus preventing leg cramps due to dehydration especially during the night. This herbal remedy for leg cramps is available in form of capsules, tonic, extract etc.

Horse Chestnut

Straw flower

Straw flower is yet another very effective herbal remedy for curing leg cramps and sore muscles. The oil obtained from the flowers of straw flower help in reducing the inflammation and provides immediate relief against pain. The star flower oil helps in relieving muscle strains, soreness and cramping, when massaged into the cramping muscles. This herbal remedy for leg cramps should only be applied externally on the sore muscles and not consumed internally.

Straw flower

Jamaican Dogwood

Jamaican Dogwood is a herbal remedy which has been used traditionally to treat cramping of the muscles and its associated pain. This herb is famous for its property to sooth spasms in the muscles, which makes it a very useful herbal remedy for cramping and sore muscles.

It is also a very powerful analgesic and is used in combination with other herbs to relieve cramps of the legs and other musculoskeletal pains. Jamaican Dogwood is also very good in reducing migraines, headaches, painful periods etc. Jamaican Dogwood has very strong sedative properties and should be consumed with caution. A herbal tea made of Jamaican Dogwood is especially helpful in soothing leg cramps.

Jamaican Dogwood

Butcher’s Broom

Butcher’s Broom is yet another herbal remedy used by people to treat various types of wounds and muscle cramps. Butcher’s broom contains chemicals which help in reducing the inflammation of the muscles, thus reducing the instances of leg cramps. This herb also helps in improving the overall circulation of blood in the body, which helps in relaxing the tensed muscles, thereby reducing their cramping.

Consuming this herb also helps in increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body which further reduces the instances of muscle soreness and cramps. Butcher’s broom is not only effective in reducing leg cramps but is also used to treat other musculoskeletal problems like arthritis, gout etc. This herbal remedy is available in form of extract, pills, tonic, capsules etc.

Butchers Broom

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