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9 Useful And Effective Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

[toc]Swollen eyes are one of the usual problems faced when eyes become puffed or swell due to a number of factors. The various causes of swollen eyes include excess physical stress, lack of sleep, excessive crying, dermatitis, bad diet, sinus, genetics, hormonal changes, hangovers or an allergic reaction.

Swollen eyes make one looks ill and tired and one surely want to overcome this displeasing appearance. Do not worry as there are several easy ways of overcoming swollen eyes problem and by using them one can surely appear and feel good.

9 Effective Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Cold Spoons

Cold Spoon To Reduce Swollen Eyes

Use 5 to6 teaspoon size metal spoons and refrigerate those for 5 to 10 minutes. Then use the rounded portion of cold spoons against the eyes for several minutes, till spoon turns warm. Replace the warmed spoon with another cold spoon from the fridge. These help to deflate the eyeballs by tightening the skin around the eyes.

Moreover, it aids in relaxing the blood vessels and providing relief to tired eyes. This remedy is astonishingly very useful in curing the swelling of eyes. For those, who may not prefer using metal spoons, frozen peas can be utilized instead of spoons.

Tea Bags

Tea Bags To Reduce Swollen Eyes

All kinds of tea bags whether herbal or caffeinated ones help in curing the irritated and swollen eyes. Herbal teas support by reducing the inflammation and redness, whereas caffeinated tea reduce the swelling by constricting the blood vessels. First soak tea bags of your choice and steep them in hot water for 5 minutes and after they get cool down, place one tea bag on each eye and cover it over with a soft cloth.

Within a few minutes swelling around the eyes is reduced and one gets relieved from the puffiness. In summer, even steeped and refrigerated tea bags can be made use of for application over the eyes, for getting a refreshing eye experience.


Cucumber To Reduce Swollen Eyes

Cucumber is a well known remedy for treating swollen eyes due to astringent properties of cucumber that are well known to reduce inflammation. The astringent properties help in constriction of blood vessels and also reduce wrinkles around the eyes, improving face complexion as an added benefit.

Make use of refrigerated cucumber slices and put them over swollen eyes for ten minutes or till the slices turn warm. Repeat the application for a number of times each day, to get rid of puffy and swollen eyes completely.

For Fast Relief

At times, it may not be feasible to make use cucumber, tea bags or spoon remedies during the rush of an hour. For those situations, one can make use of rapid relief home solutions.

Cold Water

Cold Water To Reduce Swollen Eyes

When swollen eyes are the result of sleepless night, then cold water is the simplest and fastest way out. Early morning with limited time in hand, one can make use of splashes of cold water to rinse face and eyes soon after getting up.

This helps in constricting blood vessels and relieving swelling in matter of just a few seconds. The instant relief will be very refreshing to begin the day. One can repeat this remedy easily throughout the day whenever possible in midst of the hectic routine and get rid of swelling completely.

Drinking Water

Drink Water To Reduce Swollen Eyes

It comes as a saving grace for curing swelling of eyes. Make sure to drink minimum of 8 glasses of water every day and never consume coffees, sodas or carbonated drinks as a substitute for drinking water. Under dehydration, body tends to reserve water around the eye balls, causing swelling of eyes like a camel hump, to survive in the dehydrated situation too. By consumption of adequate amount of drinking water, the body is saved from entering a survival mode and storing water in such unappealing places.

Egg Whites

Eggs To Reduce Swollen Eyes

Egg whites owing to their skin tightening properties offer relief from swollen eyes and prevention of wrinkles. Make use of 2 eggs and separate the yolk part. After whipping the egg whites till clear consistency is achieved, add some drops of witch hazel, the another natural skin tightening agent.

Then apply this mixture with help of soft cloth or brush under the swollen eyes and let it dry. Wash once it gets dried fully and observe the tightening effects that leaves the skin feels fresh and less puffy.

Aloe Vera

Aloevera To Reduce Swollen Eyes

Vitamin E and antioxidant present in aloe Vera is extremely beneficial for lowering down the swelling of eyes. Make use of aloe Vera extract on the regions below the eyes. This will aid in better blood circulation and flushing out fluids accumulated around the eye regions, thereby lowering down the swelling.

Be careful during aloe Vera application as it should not enter the eyes. In case, one is not much comfortable using aloe Vera extract, make use of skin products with aloe Vera extracts in them.


Strawberry To Reduce Swollen Eyes

Strawberries are also a good remedial solution to get rid of swollen eyes quickly. The alpha hydroxyl ingredient of strawberries helps in achieving a smooth and rejuvenated skin.

Refrigerate strawberries for half an hour and after removing the top leaves, cut them in slices and place them below eyes for a few minutes. The cooling effect of strawberry results instantly improves the swelling, offering a brighter look to previously looking dull eyes.


Potatoes To Reduce Swollen Eyes

Regular potato is a great healer for swollen eyes and has been used as folk medicine in Europe to reduce inflammation. Potato starch is an efficient anti inflammatory agent that cures the irritated eyes. Peel the skin of potato, wash it and dry it. Then grate it as fine as one could and place it in a soft clean cloth and make a poultice from it. Place this poultice over eyelids for 15 minutes and observe the remarkable change in swelling of eyes.

Repeat it for as many times as one feels comfortable doing it, to achieve best results. The same remedy is extremely useful for getting rid of headaches too. In addition to above home remedies, one can also make use of a light massage of the eyes, which also aids in relieving the puffiness of the eyes. Press gently with help of the ring finger underneath the swollen eyes and move it around the eye portion smoothly and experience the benefits.