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9 Useful Herbal Remedies For Gas

Herbal Remedies For Gas [toc]Gas formation in the digestive tract is a natural phenomenon of the body. Gas is usually formed by the breakdown of food in the stomach by the digestive enzymes during digestion. This Gas usually passes out of the body through mouth and anus. Gas is produced by every person daily and is usually not a point of concern.

However, when the gas produced is more than the normal and causes symptoms like bloating, burping more than the normal, excessive flatulence and abdominal pain, then the person is said to be suffering from Gas problem. There are certain foodstuff like carbonated sodas and drinks, cauliflower, beans, dairy products, cheese,ice cream etc. that are said to cause gas formation. However, this again varies from person to person and may or may not cause gas. Below mentioned are some useful herbs which not only cure but also prevents the problem of gas.

9 Herbal Remedies For Gas


Anise Reduce Gas

Anise seeds have been used since ancient times to expel gas from the body and provide relief from gas pains. Anethol, is an important component of Anise, which not only helps in stimulating the production of bile juice for digestion of rich food, but also helps in preventing the formation of gas in the stomach.It is also known for its antispasmodic property, which helps in providing relief against gas pains. Anise is also very helpful in calming the nerves of the body, and prevents tension, anxiety and stress, which lead to indigestion and formation of gas. Anise seeds can be consumed raw after a meal or added to tea to get rid of gas.


Caraway Reduce Gas Caraway has been used since long, as a herbal remedy to prevent formation of gas and improve digestive system of the body. Caraway is very effective in preventing indigestion by stimulating the body to produce more bile and promotes speedy digestion. It further prevents the formation of gas in the body and relieves painful spasms which are caused due to gas in the intestine. Caraway oil is rich in components known as carvone and limonene, which are especially very effective in stimulating the digestive system. Caraway seeds can be consumed in form of herbal tea, oil, tincture etc.


Chamomile Reduce Gas Chamomile is yet another very useful herb which is effective in preventing formation of gas in the body. Chamomile is very helpful in providing a soothing and calming effect to the body, thereby preventing the  formation of gas which is a side effect of indigestion due to anxiety and stress. This herb is also helpful in reducing the painful spasms in the stomach and intestines, which are caused due to gas. Chamomile is known for its carminative property, which makes it a very good herb for preventing gas formation and its subsequent expulsion from the body. Chamomile herbal tea is especially very helpful in dispelling gas from the intestines.


Dill Reduce Gas Dill is very effective herbal remedy for gas. Dill is rich in essential oils, which not only help in promoting a good digestive system but is also very useful in dispelling gas from the body. Dill is also very effective in easing pains of gas, bloating and flatulence. Dill is one of the main components of colic and gas relief medicine available in the market for curing gas and indigestion in children. It is especially very effective when taken in combination with anise and caraway seeds. Dill can be consumed in form of seasoning, herbal tea, pickles etc.


Fennel Reduce Gas Fennel is another very important herbal remedy which has been used traditionally since generations to prevent and expel gas from the stomach and intestines. Fennel is renowned for its carminative and antispasmodic properties, which not only help in expelling the gas from the stomach but also prevents pain caused due to gas. It helps in relaxing the muscles of the stomach, thereby preventing them from spasming and causing pain. Fennel can be taken in form of tincture, tea, chewed raw etc.


Peppermint Reduce Gas Peppermint is a very useful herbal remedy for improving digestion and preventing formation of gas in the stomach and intestines. Peppermint is famous for its antispasmodic properties, which help the muscles of the stomach and intestine to relax, thereby helping in easy expulsion of gas from the body. Peppermint is also a very good carminative herb and helps the body in releasing of gas trapped in the stomach and intestines, thereby preventing bloating and flatulence. Peppermint oil also helps the colon and intestine in absorbing the gas into the body, thereby preventing gas problem. Peppermint is also safely used as a digestive, colic and gas relieving medicine for small children. Peppermint can be consumed in form of infusion,herbal tea, oil etc.


Parsley Reduce Gas Parsley has been used traditionally by people to cure the problem of gas and the pain associated with it. Parsley stimulates the digestive system to digest food easily, thus preventing the formation of gas. It is also a very good carminative herb and is very effective in expelling gas from the body. Parsley is also very beneficial in getting rid of belly aches or pain in the stomach due to gas. Parsley can be consumed raw, added to salads or consumed in form of juice. Parsley when added to tea and consumed is very effective in removing gas from the body.


Ginger Reduce Gas Ginger is a time tested herbal remedy for preventing and curing the problem of gas. The main component of ginger is gingerols, which help in removing the problem of indigestion by energizing the sluggish digestive system, thereby preventing fermentation of gas in the stomach. It also helps in getting rid of gas related problems like pain, flatulence, bloating etc. Ginger can be easily consumed by chewing raw, adding to daily routine cooking etc. It can also be taken in form of capsules and juice.


Spearmint Reduce Gas Spearmint is another very useful herbal remedy for getting rid of gas problem. Spearmint is famous for its carminative property, which helps in the expulsion of gas from the stomach and intestines. It helps in strengthening the muscles of the stomach, improving digestion and preventing painful spasms caused due to gas formation. Spearmint is also very helpful in preventing other side effects of gas, mainly flatulence and bloating. A herbal tea made of Spearmint is especially very helpful in dispelling gas from the body.

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