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9 Ways To Cure Burns

Ways To Cure Burns

[toc]Getting burnt can be a disastrous experience. Everybody knows that burns take a fairly long time to heal completely and many leave awful scars behind. It is possible to heal a burn at home only if you are sure of the severity of the situation. Well if you have a minor burn then you can successfully take care of it at home if it does not cover a large part of the skin. These burns are known as first degree burns and affect the top layer of the skin. In this type of burn the skin will become red and will peel off slowly.

If the blisters form in the burnt area then it is known as the second degree burn. These burns must be first shown to a doctor only unless the blister is small. In the second degree burns the skin becomes swollen and you will experience terrible pain. For third degree burns the patient must be taken to a hospital at once. But minor burns can be taken care of at home. Following are some remedies that could be followed to avoid the severity of the disease.

9 Instant Tips To Cure Burns

Understanding The Severity

Understanding The Severity For Burns

Before you start the treatment of a burn, you must understand the severity of the case. If the skin is charred or white then it is a third degree burn and must be treated under proper medical care. The third degree burns have the power to destroy the nerves. This is the reason why, you must check for the gravity of the disease and act accordingly.

Cold Water Bath

Cold Water Bath Reduce Burns

The very first step that you must do is to remove the cloth from the burnt region quickly. You must not let anything contact the bruise or interfere in the area. Then the next step is to immerse the affected area in the cold water bath immediately. The water must not be very cold as this will shock the area and form frost bite. Let the affected area be under water until the pain has subsided. Here the redness in the area must also lessen a bit.

If you do not have access to running water then take a clean piece of cloth and dip it in the water. Wrap this cloth around the affected area and give the area a cool compress. The cold compress must be continued till you feel the pain going away. It is important for you to cool the burn so that it does not affect the nearby areas.

Medical Procedure

Wrap The Burnt Area

After you wash the affected area you must dry it completely but gently. Take a piece of clean cloth and dab around the area. Do not take used cloth or cloth that has been lying around without a wash, this is because these kind of cloth can contaminate the affected area with bacteria or virus. Pat dry water or liquid from the burnt area. You can then apply an antibacterial and burn cream treatment. These topical cream and lotion are always available over the counter at many pharmacies these days.

You can then wrap the burnt area with a bandage or a clean piece of cloth. Do not make use of cotton or gauze as they can stick to the burnt skin and leave particles. This will cause more irritation. You will have to bandage the wound tightly, but take care not to make it uncomfortable. You must put pressure on the area to decrease the swelling and pain. If you see that there is swelling around the burn area then elevate the area to decrease the flow of blood.

You must never touch or pick at the burn site when it is healing. You must keep it clean and covered at all times. Always use a clean piece of bandage or cloth for the burnt area. Bandage the area till there is a scab or barrier on the skin. You can use a burn cream, pain killers and aloe vera for pain relief.


Yogurt Reduce Burns

If you apply yoghurt it will help in cooling down and soothing the minor burns. Take two tablespoons of yoghurt and apply it over the affected area directly. Keep the yoghurt on the burn site for 15 minutes and then wash off with cool water. Do not use flavoured yoghurt.


Honey Reduce Burns

Honey is used a home remedy for a number of diseases. These include minor burns. Honey actually helps in sanitizing the burns and it draws out the unnecessary fluid.

After you have cleaned the burnt area completely, take a few drops of honey on your fingers and apply directly on the wound. Then bandage the affected area immediately. A clean cloth or gauze bandage will work well. When you change your bandage the next time, you can repeat this procedure.

Black Tea

Black Tea Reduce Burns

Black tea is a coolant for the minor burns. The tannic acid in black tea helps in taking out the heat from the minor burns. The soaked tea bags must be placed under running and cool water. This water must be collected in a bowl or glass. This tea water can be used to spray on the burn site as required.


Milk Reduce Burns

You can apply milk to the burnt site to alleviate the pain and decrease the rash. After cleaning the site, take a piece of clean cloth and soak it in milk. Apply this piece of cloth directly to the wound. You can repeat the procedure as required for a fast relief. But always wash the cloth completely before the next application. You can also soak your burnt site in the bowl of milk directly to alleviate the pain.


Vinegar Reduce Burns

Vinegar works as an astringent and a purifier for the minor burns. You will have to dilute ne quarter up of liquid in 2 cups of cool water. Then pour the liquid over the burn. You must not rinse off the liquid.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Reduce Burns

Applying lavender oil will help in alleviating the pain and avoiding the unwanted scar that a burn leaves behind. You will have to rub the lavender oil liberally on the burn site and leave that for 15 minutes. You can always reapply when you require. But always rinse off the previous application before applying again.

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