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8 Beneficial Home Remedies For Neck Pain

Home Remedies For Neck Pain

[toc]That task is a pain in the neck; this is not just a simple saying. Stiffness and neck pain can be caused by poor posture, tasks that require people to lean over a work surface, a too-soft mattress and tension at home or on the job. In majority of the cases, simple muscle tension gives rise to neck pain although in some cases in occurs simply because of a disease or an injury. Neck pain is said to be an agonizing cycle. 

The blood supply to the muscles is decreased when they become tensed because of emotional and physical stress. This eventually causes pain. The muscles become even more tensed because of this pain. Therefore, apart from treating the muscles, eliminating the emotional or physical stress is the best way to alleviate neck pain.

8 Various Ways To Cure Neck Pain


Exercises Reduce Neck Pain

The muscles should be slowly exercised. The agitated muscles can be stretched out by rotating the muscles of the neck in a circular motion. At first, it may turn out to be very uncomfortable, but the pain will be alleviated with this exercise in the long run. The neck should be moved back and forth slowly.

When people start feeling pain because of this movement, it should be stopped immediately. The more the neck is flexed back and forth; it will enhance the range of motion. The neck should also be moved from side to side. Like the first exercise, the range of motion will gradually improve with flexing.


Icing Reduce Neck Pain

Inflammation can be decreased and pain is numbed effectively with ice. Use a plastic bag for keeping some crushed ice and use a pillowcase for covering the bag. Because it’s too thick for transmitting the cold effectively, use a terry towel for 15 minutes, this icepack should be applied onto the neck.


Heating Reduce Neck Pain

Stiff muscles can be eased and circulation can be improved with heating. People can stand underneath a hot shower or use a hot water bottle or wet towel. But, don’t do this for too long. Symptoms can be aggravated and even more pain is caused by excessive heating. As a matter of fact, some cold treatment can also be done after a bit of heat application.


Massage Reduce Neck Pain

Tense muscles can be eased and temporary relief can be sought with massage. People can also sleep better in this way. Relax the muscles first by taking a hot shower or bath. Then rub your neck and shoulders with some lotion or oil. Apply gentle pressure onto these areas with the fingers in circular motions. Now, long downward strokes and firm pressure has to be applied onto the neck and shoulders. The chest area shouldn’t be forgotten either. Typically, people should ask a partner to do this, but they can also do it themselves. This should be done for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Bath Or Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts Bath Reduce Neck Pain

Bath salts can be used for soaking. They can be helpful in reducing stress, relieving muscle tension and improving blood circulation. People can get added pain relief if they experiment with some different bath salts. A warm bath should be added with Epsom salts.

Sulfate and magnesium are used for making Epsom salts and not only do they relax the mind, but they are also the perfect remedy for various ailments. The serotonin levels in the brain can be increased with magnesium and it’s also useful in regulating the activity of multiple enzymes.


Acupuncture Reduce Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain can be treated effectively with the help of acupuncture. The benefits of acupuncture have been corroborated by tests conducted in the past decade. Intense pressure can be applied inside the muscles with massage and acupuncture. However, for high intensity pressure within the muscles, it is best to use acupuncture instead of massage.

Alcohol Or Essential Oils

Essential Oils For Neck Pain

Use alcohol or different essential oils for massaging the neck. Healing properties can be found in various essential oils such as tea tree, lavender and citronella oils and they also stimulate the sense of smell of the individual. In addition, the effect of balms can also be achieved with alcohol as it starts off with the cold and then gets warmer gradually with every application.


Balm For Neck Pain

Simple heat can be provided or heat can also be simulated with balms that contain natural ingredients and essential oils. Something like the tiger balm works just fine here too. The pain can be dulled with cold by these balms and then it eases the ache away after heating. People can achieve mild pain relief by rubbing or massaging these or other balms onto the neck.