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Best Diet Plan For Virility

[toc]Just like fertility is an important factor for women, the same is valid for men too. Also known as virility, for men, it is their ability to produce fertile sperm and one that can help in conceiving a baby. For men, it is very important to have the right levels of virility. However, there are a lot of men who suffer from the issues of low virility levels and needs to get it treated.


Instead of medications, natural cures and ways are recommended in this situation that is free from side effects. One of the broadest natural categories is diet. It has solutions for almost all kinds of health ailments and can also improve certain situations like that of virility.

5 Diets For Virility

Include Certain Fruits

There are some specific fruits that are loaded with vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes that can help in boosting the virility levels. One of the top ones that deserves to be mentioned here are cherries. The flavanoids in the fruit helps in cleansing the blood arteries and thus promote virility. It does so by enhancing blood circulation as well as relaxing the muscles there.

Watermelon is another of the fruit that can give you great outcomes by providing citrulline. It enhances the production of nitric oxide and thus improves the blood flow to the penis making it virile and strong. Bananas are another of the fruit that can help. The high levels of potassium do that by relaxing the muscles and the walls of the arteries and improving blood flow.


Sea Food

There are certain sea food elements that can give you the required nutrients and enzymes for a high level of virility. Oysters, for example is a perfect aphrodisiac that has high levels of zinc that improves blood flow as well as one that enhances the secretion of testosterone which improves the virility and sexual desires too. Salmon is another of the good foods rich in omega fatty acids that increases nitric oxide production and is required for male virility levels. Take about 85 grams of salmon each day to meet this requirement.



Almonds that are rich in vitamin E are another way to increase nitric oxide in the body and help in virility of men. Take a handful of them to get maximum benefits. Pistachios can also help in the same regard that helps in getting satisfaction levels on track and improve the erection and sexual desires.

Arginine in the nut also helps in nitric oxide production that clears the blood arteries from toxins and improves blood flow to the penis. Walnuts can also be of advantage here that has l-arginine that if taken in quantities of half a cup each day can give a hard erection as well as increase nitric oxide production.


Olive Oil

For those who include olive oil in cooking their dishes can be assured that it will help in the production of testosterone which works on the overall sexual health of men as well as women and will definitely help in the virility levels.

Olive Oil

Spices Benefits

Ginger is one of the spices that scrubs off the free radicals from the arteries and relaxes them to improve the blood flow. Include them in the dishes or make 2-3 cups of ginger tea each day for the advantage. Nutmeg can also be included as an aphrodisiac that improves erection and works well on the libido thus helping in virility. It also helps with nitric oxide production.