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6 Best Home Remedies For Anal Itching

[toc]Anal itching also known as Pruritus ani is one of the problems that a lot of people complain about. In simple words, it is the urge to itch in the anal area and there can be a lot of reasons associated with it. Along with unhygienic habits of cleansing, there can be issues like abrasions from clothing and moisture in the region that leads to the crisis. In public, this can be a really embarrassing situation if you desire to itch in the anal region.

Anal Itching

These home remedies below are what you are looking for. These are safe, simple and effortless remedies that can be prepared and followed at home to get excellent cures for the itch. Check them out:

Home Remedies For Anal Itching

Use Petroleum Jelly

One of the simple and easily accessible home remedies for anal itching is petroleum jelly. It is also one of the instantly giving remedies that you can stick to. According to professionals, use of petroleum jelly on the anal region will stop the itching immediately. It gives a cooling sensation each time the itching becomes intolerable. However, it is not a permanent solution but is definitely one that deserves to be in this list.

petroleum jelly

Clean The Area

Another of the home remedial measures to stay away from itching in the anal region is to clean it with a mild soap twice in a day. This should be done properly and then followed by pat drying with a clean and soft towel or a tissue paper. It is again an efficient remedy and one that should be used on a regular basis till the problem subsides.


Have Water

Having plenty of water will hydrate the skin in the anal area as well as flush out the accumulated dirt, toxins and bacteria that are causing so much of itching. About 10 glasses of plain and filtered water is recommended in this scenario where you are suffering from such a problem. Any healthy liquids that are free from sugar will trigger the results along with water consumption.

drink water

Benefit Of Wet Toilet Paper

A wet toilet paper can be used to wipe the anal area that might be itching solely because of the left over sticky stool. A lot of times, even after proper cleaning this is possible. All you need to do is dampen a toilet paper and then gently and slowly wipe the anal area. This will clean the place of bacteria that is causing the itching and thus treat the crisis with a home remedy.

toilet paper

Deep Breathing

In a lot of cases, anal itching is the result of stress and mental pressures. Using deep breathing as a simple technique will keep the stress away and as a result treat the itching in the anal region. Follow this each day to get the best of results.

deep breath

Avoid The Scratch

A simple preventive as well as home remedial cure that can help in the treatment of anal itching is a simple habit that you need to follow. Herein, you have to avoid any form of scratching that will only worsen the situation to an extreme level. This is an effective way to treat the problem.

avoid scratch