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5 Best Home Remedies For Conjunctivitis In Adults

Home Remedies For Conjunctivitis

[toc]Conjunctivitis is the inflammation on eye, especially in the conjunctiva layer of the eye. This is characterized by reddening of the eye, swelling and irritation. In local terms, it is also known as pink eye, because of the reddishness. It is generally caused due to some kind of infection in the eyes.

It may affect single or both and eyes and it also tends to spread to others. It should be treated at the starting stage, or else it may become severe and may even cause the vision to be blurry. The irritation caused due to this infection is often more, with fluid discharge.

5 Home Remedies For Conjunctivitis In Adults

Cold Or Warm Compress

Warm Compress Reduce Conjunctivitis

You can dip a cotton cloth in warm or cold water and compress in on the affected eye. Make sure not to use it on the healthy eye, accidentally. This compress will be relaxing to the eye and ease the irritation.

It will also reduce the fluid discharge and the red color of the infection. The warm compress also helps in killing bacteria, which is responsible for this infection.

Cure Conjunctivitis With Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds Reduce Conjunctivitis

Fennel seeds can treat conjunctivitis effectively. You can use it by adding in water. The water can be boiled for some time, and you will note the change in color of water. You can then filter out the fennel seeds from the colored water.

This liquid can be cooled off for some time, before you use it as an eye cleanser. This can be used at an interval of few hours, till you get complete relief from the infection.

Kill Bacteria Using Cow’s Milk

Cow’s Milk Reduce Conjunctivitis

Pure milk of the cow has many medicinal properties. It is also an anti-bacterial agent, and hence can be used in treating bacteria. It also does not have any side effects.

You can apply few drops of milk on the infected eye and leave it for some time. This will greatly reduce irritation and also nail the infection quickly.

Coriander To Reduce Irritation

Coriander Seeds Reduce Conjunctivitis

Coriander has cooling effect and this can be used in reducing irritation arising out of conjunctivitis infection. You can boil coriander in water and filter it off before using it for washing the affected eye. This can be done at least twice a day to get effective results.

Treat With Liquid Curd

Liquid Curd Reduce Conjunctivitis

You can prepare curd with pure milk at home, and treat it against conjunctivitis. Curd is formed from milk due to the action of bacteria and hence the curd is usually rich in bacterial content. This can act against the infection causing bacteria of the eye and clear off infection.

You can leave the curd to settle down and remove the upper liquid part of it, to treat eye infection. This also cools away the irritation. Conjunctivitis is a very common eye infection and it has to be treated at right time.

Else, it may spread easily to all members in the family. Also, with this infection, it is very difficult to go for work or study. Hence, with these simple home remedies, you can treat it effectively and quickly.