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5 Best Home Remedies For Dark Upper Lip Shadow

There can be many reasons for having a dark upper lip, ranging from sun exposure, pigmentation, allergies and aging. But the most common culprit for dark upper lip shadow is your hair removal method. Most women use some form of hair removal method like threading, waxing or bleaching to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

However, repeated use of these hair removal methods can make irritate the delicate area of the upper lips causing discoloration. But, there are some natural remedies that can considerably lighten the upper lip. Getting Rid of Dark Upper Lip Shadow Naturally

5 Home Remedies For Dark Upper Lip Shadow

1. Carrot Juice And Yogurt

Grate a carrot and extract its juice. Add the pure and fresh carrot juice to a two tablespoon of natural yogurt. Mix well. Now, apply this concoction over your upper lip and allow it to dry. Once the paste dries, wash off with water. Carrot contains beta carotene that helps to repair cell damage while yogurt contains lactic acid that has skin lightening properties. Used regularly, this homemade mask will help in getting rid of dark upper lip.

Carrot Juice And Yogurt

2. Sugar And Coconut Milk

Most often skin darkening in the upper lip region is due to accumulation of dead skin cells. A homemade scrub will effectively slough off these dead skin cells. In a small bowl, combine a teaspoon of granulated sugar with two tablespoons of coconut milk. Take a bit of this mixture and rub it gently over your lip area in circular motion.

Make sure that you do this very gently or the sugar granules will cause small tears on your skin. Coconut milk is not only deeply moisturizing, but it also has skin healing properties. The sugar granules helps to get rid of dead skin cells and impurities.

Sugar And Coconut Milk

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3. Cucumber And Honey

Grate a medium-sized cucumber and squeeze out the juice. Now mix this juice with a tablespoon of pure organic honey. Dab a cotton ball in this mixture and gently dab it on and around your lips. Wash off after half an hour. Cucumber has skin bleaching properties and is therefore an excellent home remedy for fading dark upper lip shadow.

Cucumber And Honey

4. Parsley And Pineapple

Blend together a handful of parsley with a few chunks of pineapple. Once you have a smooth mixture, pour the mixture through a fine sieve so that you are left with only the clear liquid. Soak a couple of cotton balls in this liquid and place it in the refrigerator for half an hour. Dab the cotton ball over your lips and allow it to remain for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with cold water. Both pineapple and parsley has bleaching and skin lightening properties that helps to fade discoloration.

Parsley And Pineapple

5. Lemon Juice And Honey

Apply a mixture of equal amount of lemon juice and equal amount of honey all over your lip area. Lemon juice has well-known properties for fading and lightening skin discoloration and blemishes. Honey will soothe the skin and keep it well moisturized. Besides lightening dark upper lip shadow, this home remedy will give you pink and luscious lips.

These were some natural remedies for dark upper lip shadow. A healthy lifestyle free of mental stress and a well-balanced diet will greatly help in preventing such skin discoloration.

Lemon Juice And Honey