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6 Best Home Remedies For Dry Throat

[toc]Dry throat also commonly known as sore throat is a common problem especially in dry and chilly seasons. This is an ailment that a lot of people complain about. It might not be a serious health hazard but then it is one that leaves a lot of discomfort and pain in the throat and therefore needs immediate curing ideas to lead a smooth life again.

Home Remedies For Dry Throat

Along with dryness, accompanies scratchy throat due to a fall in the humid levels. For those who know they suffer from the problem more than frequently can use the below mentioned home remedies that are safer than medications.

Home Remedies For Dry Throat

Have A Cup Of Green Tea

One of the instant ways to get relief from dry and itchy throat is to have a cup of warm green tea or chamomile tea. A little honey with lemon juice can be added to this liquid especially if you have complains of cough as well.

It is supposed to be one of the most efficient and easy home remedies for dryness in the throat. Have a cup or two each day till the problem subsides completely.

Have a Cup of Green Tea

Gargle Benefits

To ensure that the dryness is treated in the affected area, you can easily gargle it with a cup of lukewarm water which is mixed with a quarter teaspoon of salt.

It not only helps you achieve your goals but also adds extra benefits like opening up blockages and thinning down the mucus if any. This is especially valid in a situation where the dry throat is a result of bacteria formation.

Gargle Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Apple cider vinegar can be diluted with a cup of lukewarm water and then used for rinsing the mouth and gargling the throat.

This again is a very effective home remedy that gives good results on the dryness as well as any kinds of scratchiness that you are going through.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Have Good Amounts Of Water

One of the simplest ways to cure dryness in the throat is to adhere to plenty of plain and filtered water that will hydrate the body and the affected area again.

Along with ensuring that you drink 8-10 glasses of water, make sure you have it every hour to keep the problem subdued. It has a lot of other benefits attached as well.

Have Good Amounts of Water

Use A Humidifier

To improve the low levels of humidity in the air which is one of the major reasons for the dry throat, use a humidifier in the place where you sleep. This will not only prevent the condition from worsening but also help in the treatment process by bringing humidity in the dry air. It will also help in giving you a good sleep.

Use a Humidifier

Honey And Lemon Juice Concoction

Mix some honey and lemon juice with warm water and sip this slowly throughout the day. This is one of the home cures that are known for not only the treatment of dry throat but also for cold, cough and flu.

Follow it on a routine basis for maximum advantage. Honey can also be combined with lime juice in this situation.

Honey And Lemon Juice Concoction