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5 Best Home Remedies For Fever Blisters

[toc]Fever blister is common in people. Home remedies cure fever blisters very effectively and people feel relaxed. The various home remedies are evaluated for a long time to provide solution for the blisters.The methods used to remove the blisters are very easy and any one can easily apply them.Home Remedies For Fever Blisters

The infection must be controlled by home remedies and are also used to stop the spreading of the virus. The proper use of home remedies can effectively solve the problem. Some of the home remedies which are very natural and easy to use are given below.

Home Remedies For Fever Blisters

Aloe Plant

Aloe Vera juice is a very effective home remedy for fever blisters. A person can easily pour the juice directly to the blisters. He may rub the aloe gel directly on the blisters. The healing process is done effectively by this juice. The various symptoms can easily be removed by using the aloe juice. Along with that, it also stops the growth of the virus of the fever blister. When any person feels any type of itching or pain on the blisters he must apply the aloe gel on the blister.

Aloe Vera


Ice is a good home remedy for fever blister. By applying ice on the fever blisters the growth can easily be stopped. The virus cannot spread after the application of the ice as the area gets numb and blood rush can easily be promoted. This allows the white blood cells to stop or control the viral infection in the nerves. The fever blister gets inactivated very quickly after using the ice. It is one of the easiest remedies.


Tea Bag

Using a tea bag is a very effective home remedy for the fever blisters.  For this remedy, the person has to keep the tea bag in boiling water for some time not more than a minute. After the bag gets cooled, the patient has to press it gently on the fever blisters to inactivate the area of viral infection.  The patient should apply this for 3 to 4 days. Also, applying honey on the blisters is a very easy and effective home remedy.

Tea bag


Another good remedy is applying salt. The patient has to apply the salt on the fever blisters. For this, he has to make his index finger wet and then dip the finger in the salt slightly.

After that, he just has to press it on the fever blister for a single minute. The patient must repeat this process twice a day. After the interval of 2-3 days, the process should be repeated. Gradually, the blisters will fade and the infected area will not spread.



Cornstarch is an effective remedy of the fever blisters. For a perfect solution, a person can easily mix the cornstarch with the proper amount of water to make a paste which must be dense. Now, the patient can easily apply this paste on the blisters of the various places near or in the mouth.

It helps in a faster healing process and the fever blisters can easily be cured. The fever blister must be removed from the mouth of the patient to get relief. The various remedies are available and these are effective and are also accepted by the people as these do not have any side effects at all.

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