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8 Best Natural Cures For Knee Injury

Natural Cures For Knee Injury

[toc]Not a lot of us give a second thought to our knees although we use them for kneeling, we bend them and even use them when we are jumping or running on a daily basis. Knees are said to be one of the most injury-prone and complex joints that exist in the human body. That’s probably because of the way it’s designed. In contrast, the hip joint is quite stable because it is basically a ball that’s kept in a deeply cushioned pocket. On the other hand, the knee joint is more vulnerable because it is exposed.

The thighbone or femur makes up the knee essentially, which also has a bottom end. Condyles are the two rounded knobs that form this bottom end and they are sitting on the mostly flat top end of the tibia or shinbone. The two condyles have a vertical groove and that’s where the kneecap sits. This rounded and small bone is given strength by the condyles.

8 Natural Ways To Cure Knee Injury

Lose Weight

Lose Weight For Knee Injury

Stay fit. All the joints of the body will be stressed if people are overweight. However, the knees find it extra tough to carry around those pounds on them because force is exerted on the knees with every step and that’s around one and a half times of the total body weight.

The force increases to five times of the total weight when individuals are running. The knees can become highly stressed with an extra 20, 30 or 40 pounds of body weight that’s usually in the form of body fat.

Right Shoes

Wear Right Shoes

People should purchase the right shoes and the lowest heel should be worn in most cases. A heel of about one inch can be tolerated by the body, but anything that’s higher than that would mean that the knees are stressed as the weight is thrown forward. Shoes with anti-pronation devices should be bought if people are prone to pronating.

Or else, shoes that have cushioning material on the sole’s inner side and a high-density material on the inner side should be purchased. The ideal shoes are those having a stiff heel counter. This is because the feet remain stabilized with the heel and these shoes cup the heel properly.


Right Posture For Knee Injury

The alignment should be correct. Knee problems are more likely if individuals are knock-kneed or bowlegged. People can stand in a way their ankles touch when they wish to check their posture. The knees and the ankle bones will touch if the alignment is correct.

People are knock-kneed in the case where there is a space between their ankles, but their knees are touching. They will be called bowlegged if their ankles are touching, but their knees have space between them.

Knee-Injuring Activities

Squats For Knee Injury

Activities that can injure the knees should be avoided. The knees might become overstressed with deep knee squats and bends even though they may seem like really good fitness boosters. Kneeling on hard surfaces should also be avoided. The knee shouldn’t be fully flexed when one is lifting weights.

When people are standing, they shouldn’t ‘lock’ their knees and only force the knees to lift a minimum amount of weight. If people are doing any activity that requires kneeling such as washing a floor or gardening amongst others, they should give frequent rest periods to their knees and use knee pads or a foam kneeling cushion.

Ups And Downs Exercises

Ups And Downs Exercises For Knee Injury

Balance yourself by keeping your arms loose on the side or crossed when sitting in an armless and firm chair, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Controlled and deliberate movements should be used for standing up slowly. Sit down again slowly after a few seconds. Repeat this exercise for a minute. If difficult, place a cushion on the chair.

Leg Flexes

Leg Flexes For Knee Injury

Keep your legs stretched out and together in front of you when sitting on the chair. Support yourself by placing your hands on the floor behind you. Slide your heel towards the butt slowly when bending your knee and feel the thigh muscles stretch. Hold and revert to original position in five seconds. Repeat this exercise on both legs at least 10 times, but take a few minutes rest in between.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil For Knee Injury

½ cup of coconut oil should be heated until it becomes lukewarm. The affected knee joint should then be massaged with the oil. It helps in healing the pain internally, while helping in reducing inflammation and other symptoms too.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds For Knee Injury

A handful of fenugreek seeds should be crushed and roasted. Take some water and two teaspoons of fenugreek powder for making a thick paste. The affected area should be applied with this paste.

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